Yang Eui-ji also felt the invisible efforts of the world’s best players.

 “I came out around 6:00 am and finished personal training and sauna and gathered.”

This is the testimony of Yang Eui-ji (36, Doosan), ‘half of the power’. Athletes dreaming of becoming world-class athletes had a unique preparation process. Yang Eui-ji said, “When you sweat in an invisible place, the results that are revealed are bound to be different. I’ve heard that major league players have pretty much the same routine,” he said.

One of the Major League (MLB)-style cultures that have been misrepresented in the KBO League is ‘training simplification’. A few years ago, “Athletes who play every day don’t have to do a lot of training. Awareness spread that establishing a routine focusing on the condition on the day of the game and continuous conditioning are more important.”

Some teams drastically reduced the amount of group training먹튀검증 and it became common to skip team training during extra bloody battles or 2:00 p.m. games after a night game.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this in itself. It is true that MLB also minimizes team training, and the main players who play every day, that is, the players included in the full-time 25-man entry, thoroughly warm up according to their own routine and go to the game.

Choo Shin-soo (41, SSG), who has gone through all the hardships in MLB, said, “MLB is like a jungle where baseball monsters live. MLB players who survived the jungle prepare fiercely behind the scenes. It is a myth to say that the amount of training is small.”

In fact, Shin-soo Choo goes to the stadium around 5:00 a.m. during the spring camp and does personal training for about two hours. His personal training includes technical training, but also includes a process of relieving fatigue the previous day with massage. There is a difference between the routine of preparing for the season and the routine of preparing for the game.

Yang Eui-ji also witnessed this part. It was when we gathered in Tucson, Arizona, USA to prepare for the World Baseball Classic (WBC). Yang Eui-ji said, “Assuming that we leave for the stadium at 9:00 am, he came to work at 6:00 and did personal training. He had his own established routine. Athletes who dream of being world-class are definitely different,” he said.

The main character is Lee Jung-hoo (25, Kiwoom). Lee Jung-hoo, who announced his MLB challenge after this season, thoroughly followed his routine even during the WBC preparation process. Yang Eui-ji explains that Park Byung-ho (38, KT), who first experienced MLB, is still practicing the ‘importance of the preparation process’ he learned in MLB.

There are quite a few players like this in the KBO League. Players who have experienced the overseas stage basically do their best to prepare off the field. It also means that you are clearly aware of what needs to be improved.

Yang Eui-ji said, “When the feeling of hitting or the condition is good, I train to a level where I do not lose my senses, and when I am not, I spend a lot of time looking for the cause. I also watch the video, and through conversations with the power analysis team or the coach, I sometimes figure out the difference between what I feel and what I see outside.” This means that recklessly swinging a bat a lot is not personal training.

Therefore, ‘conditioning for competition’ can be applied to players who have reached a certain level. Athletes who are younger or who go to and from the 1st and 2nd groups should, of course, increase the amount of training focusing on basic skills. Since the frequency of participation is low, even if you train until your body remembers it, you do not have enough time to check your skills. Even these players assimilate to the guideline of ‘minimizing group training for conditioning on the day of the game’, and the day ends with blind repetitive training.

The KBO League has been in the process of fostering 4-5 years ago. The main point is to nurture and use players with poor skills due to first-team matches, but it is regrettable that there are too many such players. The process of establishing a personal training routine must be accompanied by detailed guidance and patience from coaches.

It is excessive greed to have a vague expectation that ‘if you participate in the game, you will become first-class’ while omitting this process. It’s early in the season, but we’re already seeing teams and players overdoing it. 

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