Will there be evidence to break the alibi of Lee Young-ha’s ‘school violence’… Heading towards the end of the court battle

 Attention is focusing on whether evidence to break the alibi of Doosan Bears right-hander Lee Young-ha (26) related to school violence charges will come out at the final trial scheduled for May.

On the 24th, Lee Young-ha attended the 5th trial바카라사이트 related to school violence held at the Seoul Western District Court in Gongdeok-dong, Seoul. Lee Young-ha has been indicted without detention by the prosecution on charges of special assault, coercion, and blackmailing Mr. Starting with the first trial on September 21st, Lee Young-ha continued to claim innocence, and until the fourth trial, four prosecution witnesses, including her victim A, appeared in court and continued her testimony.

The 5th trial was attended by Mr. B, a 1-year junior of defendant Lee Young-ha at Sunrin Internet High School and a motive of victim A. Mr. B’s testimony was not very different from other witnesses who had previously attended. She said that she definitely remembers the fact that Lee Young-ha called Mr. A her ‘nipples’, she said, and she also remembered that she fooled her juniors.

As for the specifics, she repeated her reply, saying, “It’s been so long, she can’t remember.” Regarding victim A running errands and doing laundry in his room, he said, “I have never seen it myself, only heard it,” and in February 2015, during the Taiwan training camp, he said, “I am a beast, I am a pitcher and I can’t remember exactly because the beast teams are divided. I’ve never had (ramen taken away), but (the seniors have taken ramen).”

Lee Young-ha is fighting back by proving an alibi with evidence that Mr. A was not at the same place during the period of claiming damage. On August 19, 2015, Mr. A forced Lee Young-ha, along with his classmate Kim Dae-hyeon (26, LG Twins), to put Mr. A’s finger into an electric fly swatter, and from August to October of that year, he cleaned and washed clothes in his room. It was said that there were harsh acts such as ordering.

Regarding this, Lee Young-ha was selected as a youth representative and trained together in Gunsan, North Jeolla Province from August 17 to 25, 2015, and departed for Osaka, Japan on the 26th, submitting evidence that he participated in the World Youth Baseball Championship. Regarding the case of her living alone, Lee Young-ha’s father submitted evidence that the monthly rent was paid in installments only until June 2015 to the mother of her classmate who lived with Lee Young-ha. She claims that since July, she has not lived in her own room and commuted to school at her home.

On this day, the judge asked the prosecution to submit materials to refute Lee Young-ha’s alibi. She said, “If there is no further opinion from the prosecution regarding the claim that Lee Young-ha was not at the place of her crime (Busan) and that she was not in her room (during that period), I will close the case as it is.” If the prosecution does not refute the above until the final trial, there is a high possibility that Lee Young-ha’s alibi will be trusted.

Regarding the case of her extortion, if it was a training camp in Taiwan, the testimony of her witness C, who attended the third trial on the 3rd, was important. Mr. C was Mr. A’s roommate during the training camp in Taiwan. Mr. C said “I don’t remember” to the question about the extortion of ramen, and “If there was a shortage, I think the seniors took it and bought it or returned it later.”

The sixth trial has been set for May 3. The judge announced that it would be virtually the last trial, saying, “It will be concluded as soon as possible on the next date.” In the sixth trial, one witness from Lee Young-ha’s side is scheduled to appear in court for the last time.

Meanwhile, Doosan currently classifies Lee Young-ha as an uncontract pending player. When Lee Young-ha finishes all court battles, then he plans to finalize the player contract.

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