Why Tottenham wants a slot → Opportunity to escape from ‘counterattack football’… Quick possession of the ball + Forward pressure

If Tottenham Hotspur’s next head coach, Arne Slot, takes over, it is expected that there will be many changes in the game style.

England’s ‘Evening Standard’ said on the 24th (Korean time), “Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy wants the team to play football that flows like water, is aggressive and pleasing to the eye. “I’m looking for pressure,” he said.메이저사이트

The media added, “Tottenham is more accustomed to a completely different style of football from manager Slot’s style. During the recent three managerial experiences, he has mainly played counterattack-oriented football. But Coach Slot is a person who will quickly change it.” .

Slot is a 44-year-old coach from the Netherlands. He is a leader mainly on the Dutch stage, with Zwolle, AZ Alkmaar and now Feyenoord. He made headlines in the 2019-20 season as he led Alkmaar in a fierce battle for the championship with Ajax. However, the league ended early in the aftermath of Corona 19 at the time, and it took second place behind the goal difference.

Since last season, he has been holding the baton of Feyenoord. In particular, coach Slot is showing impressive moves this season. They overtook strong players such as PSV Eindhoven and Ajax to lead the Dutch Eredivisie, and recently confirmed an early championship with two league games left. Tottenham, who fell in love with these abilities, want him.

Tottenham appointed Antonio Conte as manager midway through last season. Afterwards, he escaped from the sluggishness at the beginning of the season and succeeded in advancing to the UEFA Champions League (UCL). In response, Tottenham implemented a massive power reinforcement to empower manager Conte. However, the performance below expectations continued throughout the season, and eventually parted ways with manager Conte at the end of March.

Since then, he has been spending the season as an acting manager. Initially, Christian Stellini, who had been assistant coach under Conte, assumed this role. However, Stellini also left after a 6-1 loss to Newcastle United. Currently, Tottenham is leading the team with Ryan Mason as a ‘deputy agency system’.

First of all, Tottenham’s plan is to finish this season with the Mason system and then appoint a formal command tower before the start of the next season. At first, manager Julian Nagelsmann, who was recently sacked from Bayern Munich, and former manager Mauricio Pochettino were mentioned as candidates, but now they are all far from the next head coach.

According to British ‘Sky Sports’, coach Slot has mentioned the possibility of advancing to the English Premier League (EPL) a while ago. When asked about his appointment to Tottenham, he said: “Now is not the time to talk about where I will go. There is a game on the weekend right now. If I have to leave Feyenoord in a few years, my next step will be abroad, not the Netherlands.”

Earslot said, “I always said that the EPL is the best league in the world. At the moment in the UCL stage, Italian Serie A clubs have advanced to the top tier, and there are many interesting leagues, but it is clear that the EPL is the biggest league in the whole world.” Explained.

Initially, Feyenoord was planning to renew the contract with coach Slot. He also plans to double his salary. However, with Tottenham actively showing interest, things are going in a different direction. More and more, the appointment of Tottenham is taking shape.

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