Why did ‘Super Backup’ Tae-gon Oh say “I will make Heredia nervous”

Oh Tae-gon, a multi-position player of SSG Landers, expressed his determination for this year in a pleasant joke.

Oh Tae-gon departed for the United States through Incheon International Airport on the 25th. SSG will have spring camp training in Vero Beach, Florida, USA from the 1st of next month. Unlike the main team, which leaves on the 30th, Oh Tae-gon, along with Choi Jeong, Kim Gwang-hyeon, Moon Seung-won, and Kim Tae-hun, departed in advance as a starting point.

Oh Tae-gon met with reporters before leaving the country that day and expressed his FA impressions. On November 24 last year, Oh Tae-gon signed a free agent contract for 4 years and 1.8 billion won and stayed with SSG. He said, “I really wanted to stay on the team, but I was grateful that the club offered good conditions. As much as they cared about me, I have to take the lead and play a good middle role.”

He said, “I try to pay more attention to the batting side, not just at this camp, but always at camp. I had a phone call with the manager (Kim Won-hyung) a while ago and he said, ‘Hit the bat well and fight the starting pitcher this time.’ I did, but I lost,” he said with a laugh.

Although he is an outfielder, he played 45 games as a first baseman last year and said, “I want to do well in the outfield and infield. 토토사이트Isn’t that a good team? I will make Heredia nervous.”

It was the realization that Oh Tae-gon had gained after a long professional career that he said he would ‘take on the role of making Heredia tense’ instead of the main fight. He said, “I wanted to be fixed in a position in the past, but now it’s good to play.

Oh Tae-gon showed great performance in the infield and outfield last year and played a big role in strengthening SSG depth. This year, he is determined to help the team even more by improving his batting ability. Expectations are high that Oh Tae-gon, who tasted the sweet fruit of FA after 13 years of joining the pros in 2010, will show a pleasant performance this season as well as his pleasant personality.

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