“Who is the better player, Messi or Ronaldo?” AI’s answer?

Now is the time to ask AI for the winner of ‘Meho Daejeon’.

It is a topic of conversation by asking the AI ​​chatbot ‘Bard’ developed by Google, ‘Who is the better player, Messi or Ronaldo?’ You can find out how far AI technology has developed by answering the ‘Meho War’.

‘Bard’ said,바카라사이트 “Messi and Ronaldo are two of the greatest players in football history. Both have won numerous awards. Some people prefer Messi and others prefer Ronaldo, but there is no right or wrong answer.”

Then, ‘Bard’ said, “In my opinion, Messi is a better player. Compared to Ronaldo, he was more creative and steady. Messi was a better team player. Not only for the club, but also for the national team, Messi has more championships. But Ronaldo is also a very good player,” said Messi. / jason

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