“What is the rotation when playing Woochi? What about the batting line?” ‘Lee Seung-yeop vs. Park Jin-man’ derby wiped out by rain, what is the reaction of the parties?

 The first leg of the스포츠토토 ‘Lee Seung-yeop vs Park Jin-man’ derby was swept away in the rain.

In fact, the parties were indifferent. I was just busy thinking about calculating and responding to gains and losses following the cancellation of rain.

Samsung coach Park Jin-man appeared in the interview room right after the Doosan match scheduled to be held at Daegu Lions Park on the 25th was canceled. Surprised by the much larger number of reporters than usual, Director Park laughed and said, “It’s like an inauguration ceremony, so it’s embarrassing.”

When asked about his feelings, he said, “It’s just one game. Doosan is going in a good mood, but our team is currently on a losing streak (four consecutive losses), so there’s really no time to worry about anything else. Players are very concerned about injuries and worried. I think there were a lot. I had a lot of thoughts.”

Regarding the head-to-head rivalry with his friend coach Lee Seung-yeop, he said, “It can be a box office card in an atmosphere where baseball is stagnant, and fans will be interested in a good atmosphere because it can increase fans’ interest.”

Manager Lee Seung-yeop, who came to the interview room after a broadcast interview in the first base dugout, said, “I don’t feel anything special yet. When I first heard that I was with Doosan, I felt different, but now I am a complete member of Doosan.” Could it be possible? I just thought about how to change the pitcher rotation starting tomorrow,” he laughed.

In response to the question, ‘Have you seen the mural engraved on the right outfield?’ .

Coach Lee Seung-yeop said, “I can’t forget the love and affection I received from Samsung fans when I was a player. This is where I was born and raised. I spent all my good times here. I am endlessly grateful. How would you show your affection?” He asked for understanding with an honest heart.

“Now, we have to be clear about our public and private affairs. Now we have to devote ourselves to Doosan. Without this thought, we wouldn’t have been able to wear the Doosan uniform,” he said.

Head coach Lee Seung-yeop, who was in the outfield during an exhibition game against Jamsil Samsung on the 25th and 26th of last month, said, “It is inevitable to meet naturally, but it is true that I am careful because I have played against the opposing team before.” You just have to make eye contact.” He laughed.

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