“Trout doesn’t go to the bench” American coach declaration… Also Captain America

He is also Captain America. Mike Trout, who announced his participation in the WBC (World Baseball Classic) for the first time, is a starter even though he is sluggish. American director Mark DeRosa is endowing Trout with that much symbolism.

Coach DeRosa appeared on the MLB Network on the 18th (Korean time) and revealed his feelings about leading the U.S. national team. Until his appointment as manager, he was an MLB Network commentator, so he introduced his ideas in a free atmosphere with the hosts.

Particularly striking was the question of how to distribute the opportunities for the ‘Star Corps’ to participate.

Director Derosa said on the air, “If we can go to Miami (where the semi-finals and finals are held), we will be eliminated if we lose. At that time, I will play ‘Hot Man’.” When Harold Reynolds, who appeared as the host, laughed and said, “Then someone has to sit on the bench,” director DeRosa replied, “I don’t take out Trout,” with a face as if he knew who he was talking about.

The United States reached the top for the first time at the WBC in 2017. This time, they aim for consecutive victories with even stronger power. Trout was the first to announce his participation, while at the same time entrusting him with the captaincy. As he is a symbolic player and a leader, it seems difficult to see Trout sitting on the bench.

DeRosa worked as a commentator after his retirement. This is the first time the leader With less than two months left before the tournament, coach DeRosa is spending the day in meetings and talks.

He said, “There is a coaching staff meeting and a meeting with the national team officials. Also, I always talk to 1-2 players a day. I will send it back to the club,” he said. 메이저놀이터

It is a game held by the Major League Secretariat for the globalization of the Major League, and if a star player is injured in this game, the loss increases. Director DeRosa said, “Each club’s pitching coach, manager, and general manager, as well as our coaching staff, are paying attention to injury prevention. Before the start of the regular season, we are checking what routine pitchers are throwing and preparing for.”

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