‘This is why freebies should be avoided…’ Another postponement before returning to the once-highest ransom MF

 Reporter Park Moon-soo = “Pogba won’t be able to play against Lazio due to flexor pain”

When will we see him?. Paul Pogba’s official return to Juventus has been delayed once again.

Juventus head coach Maximiliano Allegri gave a press conference prior to the Coppa Italia match against Lazio on the 1st (local time), announcing the news that Pogba would not play.

According to the ‘Global Edition’ of this media (Goal.com), coach Allegri replied, “Excluding Bonucci, who is absent for a long time, Pogba is also unlikely to play this game due to his flexion pain.”

Prior to the 2022/23 season of ‘POGBACK TO BACK’, Pogba returned to Juventus after 6 years. He did not have a good memory at Manchester United. It was different at Juventus. In 2012, Pogba left Manchester United as a free agent and joined Juventus, where he developed into a world-class midfielder.

A variable has been created. It’s an injury. He complained of a knee injury before the start of the season. Various opinions have been exchanged over the timing of his recovery, but it has led to a long-term absence.

Due to his prolonged injury, his participation in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar was also canceled. As the Serie A schedule resumed after the World Cup, he seemed to return this time, but was repeatedly delayed.

Based on Serie A standards, Pogba’s number of appearances until the 20th round is 0. He was embraced by Juventus after six years, but he could not even play his comeback. He was on the roster for the first time since his transfer in the last match against Monza. Even this, because Juventus gave up two goals first, the substitution failed. 메이저놀이터

He was expected to return for the Coppa Italia match against Lazio, but withdrew due to flexor soreness.

As he is a free agency recruit, the transfer fee was not paid. However, the season plan was also disrupted. Allegri had Pogba in his mind. However, due to his injury, it became more frequent to guard the hospital bed, not the pitch. He was talked about coming back soon, but the timing is still a question mark.

To make matters worse, the atmosphere surrounding Juventus is not very good. He has already been deducted 15 points for tampering with the accounting books. It is unclear whether he will compete in the European competition next season, let alone compete for the championship. The difference between 13th place Juventus and 6th place Roma, the Maginot Line in the European competition, is 14 points. In a situation where the atmosphere of the team is not good, the last 3 league matches have been 1 draw and 2 losses.

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