There is no reverse

The 12th Report> (161~183) = Yang Dingxin was eliminated by Choi Jeong in the quarterfinals of Samsung Fire & Marine Plantation in November of last year. 11 days after that, Yang Dingxin said this when he expressed his victory after winning the quarterfinals against LG Cup Shibano. “I was shocked by the defeat of Choi Jeong-jeon. It became an opportunity to be more nervous in every edition.” Could it be that Yang Ding-shin defeated Shin Jin-seo, the winner of Samsung Fire & Marine Co., Ltd. in this baduk, thanks to the ‘awakening effect’ of Choi Jeong-jeon’s defeat? 온라인바카라

The scene Baek attached to △. The fact that Black did not respond and pushed it to 161 was a measure to prevent white from skipping to ‘ga’ first and cutting off the taste. Backing down to 165 is an integer. If you fall into ‘I’ because you are angry, you will be cut off from 165 places and you will be ruined. With 166, it was possible to finish the game earlier. For reference, after exchanging 1 and 2, the emphasis was on 3, and if you tightened your breath, black hemp was caught up to 7, and Go was over.

However, even with a small score of 170 and 172, there is no further reversal. Even though he entered the countdown from move 174, Yang Dingxin’s hand was relaxed as if he was sure of victory. 177 A sharp finishing technique. When it is inevitable to reach 180, it drives back to 181 and 183. Shin Jin-seo also has only two minutes left until the start of the countdown. The speed of black and white landings accelerated as if it had been promised.

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