The Yankees continue to leave the starting lineup… this time Severino

New York Yankees preparations for the season are not smooth. Another starting pitcher left.

Yankees manager Aaron Boone said in an interview with local media on the 25th that starting right-hander Luis Severino (29) will be on the disabled list due to a muscle injury in his right side.

Severino started the home game against the Detroit Tigers on the 22nd in

He suffered a side injury during finishing 먹튀검증training after the mound. I plan to take a break for 5-7 days.

Director Boone said, “I felt a little craving the next day after I finished the mound. Even after he threw the ball, he still felt uncomfortable, so I decided to check his condition.”

The Yankees left another starter due to injury following the departure of Carlos Rodon (left arm forearm sprain) and Frankie Montas (right shoulder surgery) due to injury.

The remaining selections include Opening Day starter Gerrit Cole, Nesto Cortez and Domingo Hermann. For now, the second game of the season, which Severino was scheduled to start, will be replaced by Clark Schmidt.

Severino has had a troubled career due to frequent injuries. In four seasons since 2019, he has only appeared in 26 games.

His last season was 102 innings in 19 games, the most pitched in the last four seasons. He also complied with the pitching content with an earned run average of 3.18 and was scheduled to join the opening rotation, but the plan went awry.

“Severino has put in a lot of effort,” Boone said. It’s devastating for him that this injury happened a week before the season opener, but now we have to move on. He has to heal his injuries and come back better,” he soothed his regret.

First of all, we need to find players to fill the vacant positions in the starting lineup. mentioned Jonny Britto, Davey Garcia, Randy Vazquez, and Yoendris Gomez as starting candidates. It was expected that he could play a bullpen game in some cases.

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