The slam dunk that tore the coat… Forget ‘Spamman’, ‘KGC Superman’ is the spellman

Anyang KGC Spellman tore the Suwon court with a powerful slam dunk in an away game against Suwon KT in the 2022-23 professional basketball held at KT Sonicboom Arena in Suwon, Gyeonggi-do on the 5th.

Omari Spellman is one of the best foreign players in the KBL this season following last season, and is the ace of Anyang KGC. However, his performance in the championship match last season was disappointing. After suffering a knee injury, Spellman failed to manage his weight during his rehab period and fans sarcastically dubbed him ‘Spam Man’.

Spellman, who failed in his self-management, is clearly showing a different side this season. But he has his weaknesses too. His skills have already been proven to the extent that he played in the NBA, but he is not aggressive in playing inside, such as physical fights or rebounds. Some point out that considering the height of domestic players, he is a player 먹튀검증 who can work well enough inside.

In Suwon KT, players such as Prosper and Ha Yoon-ki, who are confident in their physical abilities, are holding out under the goal. They are confident players who will give up a 3-point shot to Spellman, but at least not concede from under the goal. However, Spellman scored 11 points with three 3-pointers from the first quarter. Then Suwon KT coach Seo Dong-cheol removed Ha Yoon-ki and put in Lee Doo-won to try to tie up Spellman. However, it was not enough to stop the spellman flying around the court. He was hopelessly helpless.

To block a 3-point shot, when attached to the outside, he attacked the bottom of the goal and finished with an exciting dunk. In particular, the highlight of the game was the In Your Face dunk shot in front of Ha Yoon-ki in the 4th quarter fast break. Even though Ha Yoon-gi was defending, he flew up and took it as it was, and the coat roared as if leaving. This dunk shot was a score with more than 2 points. It was a score that completely brought the mood to Anyang KGC in a close match.

In the end, Anyang KGC won 87-84 against Suwon KT with Spellman’s 40 points and 7 rebounds as a one-man show, sprinting for a 5-game winning streak. Anyang KGC, which recorded 28 wins and 11 losses, widened the gap to 2nd placed Changwon LG to 3.5 games and built a solo system.

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