The reason why OK Financial Group smiled even in the ‘4th place nomination’ 

OK Financial Group embraces Bayar Saihan in Mongolia.

OK Financial Group obtained the 4th place nomination in the final draft of the 2023 KOVO Men’s Asian Quarter Tryout held at the Jeju Sun Hotel on the 27th. For player selection, to establish fairness between clubs, one player can be selected with the same 1/7 probability per team, because the pink bead, which was the color of OK Financial Group, came out of the lottery for the fourth time.

From the perspectiveㅋㅋㅋ벳 of OK Financial Group, which was looking at wing strikers, the Mongolian youth Eddie and Bayar Saihan, who are called the biggest language, could be taken away by the teams with the priority of nomination. Eddie went to the arms of Samsung Fire & Marine Manager Kim Sang-woo, who had the luck of being nominated in the first place, and KEPCO, who was in the second place, selected Ryohei Iga as a libero.

The order of Korean Air, which was deprived of libero resources. Coach Tommy Tillikainen called on Filipino outside hitter Mark Espejo. Then OK Financial Group immediately nominated Bayar Saihan without hesitation.

After the draft ended, smiles spread across the faces of OK Financial Group officials. Because he brought Bayarsaihan, whom he thought he would not be able to have in the 4th place. An official said, “I never thought that I would be able to pick Bayarsaihan. From now on, I think I will have to travel only on Korean Air planes.”

Although he is a foreign player, he does not need an interpreter. Bayarsaihan is fluent in Korean. He can communicate in English as well. An official said, “It is also great that there is no need for an interpreter. He even gave a joke, saying, “Should I hire another trainer with the money to hire an interpreter…”.

Wearing the OK Financial Group uniform, Bayar Saihan was reunited with Shin Shin, who was active as a one-two punch during Inha University. Bayarsaihan said, “Before I came to Jeju Island, I trained with Hojin at the Inha University Gymnasium. He said, ‘Come to OK Financial Group’ every day, and asked us to play volleyball together on his team. OK Financial Group also has senior Kim Woong-bi (Army Army Sports Corps). That senior used to say the same thing,” he said with a smile.

Bayarsaihan can play a variety of positions. He submitted to the roster as a middle blocker in the Asia Quarter, but also doubled as an apogee spiker in college as a back attacker. In an interview before the draft, he said, “I’m comfortable with a middle blocker.” In Mongolia, he also played as an outside heater.”

The six-year wait has borne fruit. Bayarsaihan stepped on Korean soil in January 2017 with the dream of entering the V-League. He dreamed of naturalization, but due to a change in the nationality law last year, naturalization failed, which hindered his entry into the professional league.

“I was so nervous,” he said. I was relieved from the moment my name was called,” he said. When my name was called, I felt so good that I couldn’t speak.

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