The master of SBS life, this time a basketball performance!

‘I hope that appearing on this broadcast will contribute even a little to the popularity of basketball’

‘W Girls’ appeared on SBS ‘Master of Life’. W Girls is the only basketball girl group in Korea that is receiving a lot of attention through an original idea that combines ‘basketball + dance’. It is a performance basketball team created by former professional player Chung Ha-yoon (38‧177cm), Yongin Samsung Life Insurance Bloomings youth club coach, and has shown basketball stunts on many stages such as the WKBL All-Star Game and KBL regular games.

The production team of ‘Master of Life’ took notice of such W-Girls this time. Hearing rumors of masters showing skills that are difficult for most basketball players to do, he ran to Yongin, Gyeonggi-do in one step, and it was introduced on the airwaves as it was on the 13th. In the broadcast, 1st grader Heraon (W Girls experience) and 6th grader Hwang Si-won (4 years experience with W Girls) appeared on the show and showed off their skills, such as juggling 3 basketballs and dribbling 3 basketballs, that they honed in W Girls. showed off to the fullest.

Regarding this, coach Jung Ha-yoon said, “Personally, I’m a bit distant from the personality that just gets attention and enjoys it. However, it will be different if the target is W Girls. I can do anything for W Girls. We are growing together with our children with the goal of one day performing on the NBA stage,” he said, revealing his dream as a W Girls.

SBS ‘Master of Life’, which started broadcasting in April 2005 and is still popular today, is a long-running entertainment program that is rare in Korea. It is evaluated as a documentary in itself because it contains the life stories and realities of people who have been engaged in one field for a long time and have reached the level of masters through constant passion and effort. It is very unusual for sports and even basketball to appear in such a program.

“I was thinking about how to teach the basics of basketball in a fun way, and then I thought of how about adding various movements such as dribbling to the music. I included movement lines, poses, and facial expressions, and that is the beginning of 2018 W Girls.”

Coach Jung Ha-yoon is a former professional player, but not many basketball fans remember him because he retired after two seasons. He drew attention as a talented shin guard with impressive various skills, but was unable to blossom due to injuries and repeated rehabilitation. Afterwards, he walked a different path from athletes, such as advancing to the SBS supermodel finals and becoming a sports reporter, and soon returned to basketball. Although he spent a career full of regrets, he still loved basketball more than anyone else.

“I think everyone is a basketball player, whether they are famous players, unknown people like me, or general fans, as long as they have a love for basketball. Concerns about the decline in basketball popularity continue to be heard, but there are still so many people who like basketball if you look around. First of all, I think you have to have fun in order to be interested in and like the sport. In that respect, I think the basketball performance that W Girls pursue is one of the ways that young friends and female students can enjoy basketball 카지노

. ” W Girls couldn’t avoid it either. Miss Heo Raon jumped rope while dribbling with three basketballs, while Siwon Hwang juggled with three basketballs and threw a shot without looking behind her head to score a goal in the trash cans placed at the top of the free throw line and 45 degrees on either side. I was given a mission Coach Jeong Ha-yoon as well as the children were taken aback by the unexpected proposal, but Heo Ra-on and Hwang Si-won confidently succeeded in their mission.

“At first, when I was offered a mission by the production team, I was quite taken aback, but I felt proud when I saw the kids calmly succeeding. The thought that I am with such talented children made me want to work harder and make my dreams come true. Many people helped me during this shoot, including Samsung Life Insurance Team, Kim Eun-hye, commentator, Lee Seung-jun, a former professional basketball player. We sincerely thank the many people who were willing to help ,

and we will work hard so that W Girls can perform not only in Korea but also on overseas stages.”

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