“The growth of juniors is a stimulant” Kim Ye-rim, ‘Iron figure’ eyes toward the world championships 

‘Figure skating general’ Kim Ye-rim (20, Dankook University)’s steps were as expected. Kim Ye-rim, who unfortunately missed the gold medal at the Four Continents Championships, showed off her appearance as the strongest Korean university.

Kim Ye-rim recorded 67.87 points in technical score (TES), 66.74 points in art score (PCS), and 134.61 points in the figure skating women’s college single group A free skating at the 104th National Winter Sports Festival held at Uijeongbu Indoor Ice Rink in Gyeonggi-do on the 19th.

Having ranked first in the short program the previous day with 68.48 points, he scored a total of 203.09 points, beating second place Lee Si-won (Kyunghee Univ., 144.35 points) by a wide margin to win the gold medal.

Kim Ye-rim, who started her performance in time for Summer of 42, successfully performed jump tasks such as a triple lutz-double toe loop combination jump, double axel, triple loop, and triple flip. She made a mistake in the triple lutz + double toe loop + double loop combination jump and she was treated as a double lutz, but later she made up for it by adding a double toe loop + single loop to the triple chalcoe jump and kept her top.

She was selected as one of the many candidates for ‘Post Yuna Kim’, but Kim Ye-rim, who did not stand out clearly, focused her attention on the 2022 Beijing Olympics as an opportunity. Contrary to her beautiful acting, his footsteps and reaction as he exited the rink amid cheers from the fans were strong, and fans called him ‘Figure Skating General’.

Her skills also improved rapidly after the Olympics. Kim Ye-rim, who won her first senior Grand Prix medal by placing second in the 3rd competition of the International Skating Union (ISU) Senior Grand Prix in November last year, won her gold medal in the 5th competition of the Grand Prix in the same month.

He won medals in every major event he participated in except for the ISU Figure Skating Grand Prix Final this season. After the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics in February of last year, he showed great growth and stood tall as a Korean figure skater. It has been 13 years since Kim Ye-rim in November 2009 that a Korean player won the senior Grand Prix event, both men’s and women’s singles.

Kim Ye-rim, who won the silver medal at the Four Continents Competition last year, looked to the top in this competition and finished first in the short program. However, she made a mistake in the free skating and she finished the event in second place behind Lee Hae-in (19, Sehwa Girls’ High School).

Kim Ye-rim, who is suffering from back pain, initially thought about whether or not to participate in this tournament. In the end, Kim Ye-rim, who met with reporters after taking first place in the competition, said, “It was originally planned, so I didn’t want to skip it, and I thought I could do it at this level, so I participated.” I think it will remain for about a month, so it will depend on how you manage it.” 온라인카지노

She seems to fit better with the modifier ‘Iron Man’ than ‘General’ to Kim Ye-rim this season. She participated in many competitions almost without skipping. She participated in this competition until she had an uncomfortable back. “I think she has already participated in 11 events. She was greedy from the beginning because it was her first season after last year’s Olympics,” she said.

She already had no opponents. Nevertheless, Kim Ye-rim pushed through her participation and earned an income. “I didn’t have confidence because it was the tournament that I was most unprepared for in terms of condition or injury because it was held immediately after an overseas tournament,” he said. revealed

The growth of juniors such as Lee Hae-in, who won the Four Continents Championship, Kim Chae-yeon (17, Surigo), who won the gold medal by beating him at this tournament, and Yoo Young (19, Surigo), who finished sixth at the 2022 Beijing Olympics, are frightening. Kim Ye-rim said, “Sometimes I feel burdened and anxious because my juniors are doing so well,” but “It is a good opportunity to continue growing.

The season will virtually come to an end when the ISU World Championships, which will be held in Saitama, Japan from the 20th to the 26th of next month, are over. Kim Ye-rim’s 11th place in 2011 is her personal best result in this event. Last year, even after winning the right to participate, he lowered his head due to a novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19).

“I don’t know what the schedule will be, but I will prepare with the thought that this season’s World Championship will be my last,” said Kim Ye-rim, reaffirming his determination, “This season has been very difficult and long, but I will do my best to finish with a smile at the end.”

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