The first PO failure since the era of KB Park Ji-soo, the biggest change this season, advances toward second place with Shinhan Bank Kim Jin-young and Kim Sonia

After KB embraced Park Ji-soo, did they worry about spring basketball?

What I hoped for has become a reality. KB failed to advance to the playoffs for the first time since the Park Ji-soo era. As Park Ji-soo’s airport failure and missing games increased due to injury, his previous years’ performance was lost. The fact that the time without Park Ji-soo was so long means that there was a long time to prepare for Park Ji-soo’s absence. 메이저사이트

However, KB failed to show any answers throughout the season. His airborne activity was lacking, and his transitions were not outstanding. The attack options derived from it, including 2v2, were also not sharp. In the end, he became the protagonist of the biggest surprise this season.

Shinhan Bank advanced toward second place. Kim Jin-young scored 19 points and Kim Sonia made a big success with 17 points and 9 rebounds. They attacked the bottom of the KB goal without Park Ji-soo. Han Chae-jin only scored 2 points, but made a minimal contribution to the team by kicking 10 rebounds. As a result, the teams that will go to the playoffs have been confirmed as Woori Bank, Samsung Life Insurance, Shinhan Bank, and BNK. Woori Bank confirmed the championship, but the 2nd to 4th places have not been decided.

Incheon Shinhan Bank Sbird beat Cheongju KB Stars 68-55 in the Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 women’s professional basketball round 6 away game held at Cheongju Gymnasium on the 17th. With 15 wins and 11 losses, they tied for second place with Samsung Life Insurance. KB, who confirmed 5th place, had 9 wins and 18 losses.

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