The first GG in my life is in front of me… No. 1 shortstop out due to injury for 3 weeks. Will ‘Captain Oh’ achieve a twist? [Gwangju Focus]

 토토사이트The first Golden Gloves of my life have come before my eyes. But in a split second, excessive motivation ruined everything.

KIA Tigers Chan-Ho Park is having the best season of his career since his debut in 2014.

It has already been four seasons since he became KIA’s steadfast starting shortstop. He faced strong competition this year. Kim Doyoung is growing day by day.

Still, the head coach’s trust was directed to Park Chan-ho, who had a proven sense of stability. He also took care of young Kim Do-young’s mental health. Kim Do-young focused more on hitting at third base.

But now there is no alternative. Kim Do-young took on the responsibility of both leadoff and starting shortstop. This is because Park Chan-ho suffered damage to his fourth finger ligament while sliding headfirst to first base.

KIA coach Kim Jong-guk’s inner thoughts are full of regret. When we met at Kia Champions Field in Gwangju on the 13th, he said, “It will be difficult for Park Chan-ho to start for about 3 weeks. Now that there is a video review, I always emphasize not to slide headfirst to first base. Isn’t that a taboo even in the major leagues? Probably because he is in a hurry. “It seems like something I did without realizing it, but I’ve seen a lot of players get seriously injured as a result,” he said, upset.

The day before, against the Daegu Samsung Lions. It was a deep ground ball to the shortstop, but Samsung shortstop Lee Jae-hyeon’s stable catch followed by a strong throw stood out.

I was anxious. He threw himself at first base in a motion that was closer to a fall than a sliding. The result is out. Injuries were added to this.

The hospital issued an opinion of ‘3 weeks out.’ However, KIA decided not to expunge Park Chan-ho from the first team entry. If necessary, he plans to play as a substitute defender or pinch runner. Except for hitting, he participates normally in fungo and running training. As for batting, it was decided to proceed with the return process step by step through tee batting and other activities as soon as the injury is recovered.

Chan-Ho Park was the No. 1 shortstop Golden Glove winner this year. In the 10th year of his debut, he was recording his first .300 batting average (.302 ERA). In addition to batting average, he set career highs in several offensive categories, including RBI and OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage). His trademark stolen bases were also 29, following closely behind first place LG Shin Min-jae (32). It was also worth aiming for his third career stolen base win.

WAR (Contribution to Wins Against Replacement Players) also ranked first among shortstops. In Stats, it is 3.47 (Oh Ji-hwan 3.32, Park Seong-han 2.74), and in Sports2I, it is 3.36 (Oh Ji-hwan 3.24, Park Seong-han 2.86). It was a season where he showed off his true worth, which was literally underestimated.

But we faced an unexpected obstacle. Chan-ho Park left due to injury, and Seong-han Park was called up to the national team on the 23rd and will participate in the Hangzhou Asian Games.

However, Oh Ji-hwan, who won the Golden Glove last year, continues to play in the league. It is said that his slugging power has decreased sharply compared to last season, but he is still a skill worthy of the Golden Glove. There is also a premium on being the shortstop of the No. 1 team. Although his performance so far this season has fallen somewhat short of Park Chan-ho, it seems possible that he can turn it around depending on what kind of impact he leaves in the remaining month.

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