The Dodgers who went out of turn, don’t believe in Lux…”Lohas trade is under discussion”

Would it have been uneasy to trust only Gavin Lux (26, LA Dodgers)?

Fabian Ardaya, a reporter for the Dodgers at The Athletic, said on the 12th (Korean time), “The Dodgers are discussing the trade of Miguel Rojas, shortstop from the Miami Marlins. The trade has not been finalized yet.” The one being mentioned in return is Jacob Amaya, a minor league shortstop prospect.

Rojas is Miami’s starting shortstop. He made his big league debut with the Dodgers in 2014, moved to Miami the following year, and since 2018 has become a starter with more than 500 at-bats.

Rojas’ strong point is defense. His batting average is around 0.7 OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage), excluding the shortened season. On the other hand, he is not far behind any other starting shortstop on defense 메이저놀이터. He had a +12 in OAA (defensive outs created versus average) based on batted ball tracking data. This is higher than the +8 recorded by Kim Ha-seong (San Diego Padres), who was the final candidate for the National League Gold Glove shortstop category.

What the Dodgers need is a shortstop who can play defense rather than hit. The Dodgers did not catch Trey Turner, their main shortstop, in this Stove League. 300 with 20 home runs and 20 stolen bases, Turner is the best All-Star shortstop in the league. Instead, the defense was uneasy. The reason why the Dodgers did not catch Turner was because of his high price, but even if he did catch Turner, it was not easy to stabilize the infield defense.

Of course, after not catching Turner, I am more anxious. It is Lux who has been selected as the starting shortstop so far. Lux is the number one prospect on the team, but since he was promoted to the MLB, his defense has been evaluated as unstable because he has been the starting shortstop. Even though he played as second baseman, he failed to show stable defense.

Except for Lux, there aren’t many options. Utilities Chris Taylor is a former shortstop, but he’s more stable in the outfield than infield and he’s older. Even in the minor leagues, there are not many shortstops who are evaluated as having excellent defense. Even if there is, a question mark follows from the blow.

Even if Rojas is recruited, it is unknown whether he will be used as a starting pitcher. Still, at least it gave the Dodgers one more option at shortstop.

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