The biggest left-hander in high school, dreams of being a 155km fireballer…”The goal is always big”

“The goal is 155 km.”

Hwang Jun-seo (18), a left-handed pitcher at Jangchung High School, is the biggest player in high school that many people pay attention to. He has already boasted outstanding skills, such as being selected for the under-18 (U-18) youth national team since his sophomore year. This year, when he is in his third year, he shows a more mature image and promises a brighter future.스포츠토토

Hwang Jun-seo, who met ahead of the 1st Hanwha Eagles High School/University All-Star Game held at Daejeon Hanwha Life Insurance Eagles Park on the 6th, said, “It’s an All-Star game, but I have a big desire to win. I’ll try my best.”

Hwang Jun-seo is likely to be nominated in the upper round in the 2024 draft. It is expected that he will fight for the first place overall with Masan Yongma High right-handed pitcher Jang Hyun-seok, who throws a maximum speed of 157 km. Hwang Jun-seo expressed his competitive spirit, saying, “I often think, ‘Can I compare myself to a player named Jang Hyun-seok?’. I also work harder than that.”

Hwang Jun-seo has a strong physique with a height of 185 cm and a weight of 80 kg, and the maximum speed of his fastball reaches 150 km. He worked hard on his strength training over the past winter and got a stronger lower body. He also has a desire for redemption. Hwang Jun-seo said, “They say you have to set a big goal. He wants to keep increasing his speed and throw up to 155 km.”

▲ Hwang Jun-seo ⓒReporter Kwak Hye-mi

Hwang Jun-seo is highly likely to participate in international competitions this year as a member of the U-18 youth team. In his sophomore year, he watched the draft results with his seniors in the dorm with bated breath. This time, Hwang Jun-seo is expected to watch the draft relay with his hands sweaty.

Hwang Jun-seo said, “Last year, I watched the draft with my older brothers, such as Kim Min-seok (Lotte Giants), Kim Jung-min (SSG Landers), Jung Joon-young (kt Wiz), and Park Han-gyeol (NC Dinos). Everyone was happy to go to the pros. I also saw myself being selected in the draft. I imagined it, but this time I think it will actually happen.”

This year, Jangchung High School is considered a strong candidate for the championship. However, in the 2nd Shinsegae E-Mart Cup, he lost to Gangneung High School and was eliminated in the semifinals, and in the 77th Golden Lion, he fell to Yulgok High School in the first round. Hwang Jun-seo said, “I felt so empty. I want to do my best to win the next tournament.”

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