‘The bad news of competing for 2nd place’ Director Park Jung-eun “Kim Han-byeol is taking a break”

A red light was turned on for BNK Some, which is fiercely competing for second place. Director Park Jeong-eun said that Kim Han-byul is taking a day off.

Busan BNK Some, led by coach Park Jeong-eun, will have an away game in the Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 women’s professional basketball regular league against Cheongju KB Stars at the Cheongju Gymnasium on the 11th.

Amidst a fierce battle for second place, BNKsome is taking a step back after losing two consecutive matches. This match is expected to be more important as the ride with the tied second place group is only 0.5 games.

In the face-to-face confrontation with KB, it is tight with 2 wins and 2 losses. In the previous confrontation, he could not control Park Ji-soo and lost by 1 point (61-62). But things are different now. Park Ji-soo will face off with the season out confirmed. In addition, director Park Jung-eun announced the absence of Kim Han-byul.

In the face-to-face confrontation, Lee So-hee’s performance was particularly outstanding. He recorded an average of 21 points, 6 rebounds and 3 assists in 4 games, showing off his performance exceeding the league average (17.6 points). With Lee So-hee’s performance at the forefront, will BNKsome be able to catch the second place and escape from a losing streak? 바카라

BNK Some Director Park Jeong-eun

Q. What is your plan for the KB game?
Overall, the energy levels look great. In that aspect, the players prepared a lot and came out so as not to be pushed back. The unfortunate thing is that Kim Han-byul is taking a day off. He has mild knee pain. Coming into the second half, it seems that fatigue has accumulated. It’s not serious, it’s a relaxing level. The rest of the players have to lighten the load.

Q. Does Sohee Lee seem to have a burden on scoring?
I gave a lot of time to meet with the players. It seems that (Lee) So-hee talked a lot about that part while sharing the difficulties that each of them are experiencing. We are trying to help each other a lot.

Q. The fight for second place is fierce?
Because we ran too much in the first half, we saw a lot of exhaustion in the second half, so there were a lot of bad performances in the performance itself. It would be nice to come in 2nd place, but it is more important to find the rhythm as much as possible and bring good performance.

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