‘Thank you Lukaku!’ Napoli win probability jumps to 96%… The difference was widened to 15 points.

Only Napoli is on a winning streak, and the runner-up group is not keeping pace. As the points difference widens, Napoli’s victory becomes more and more certain.

On the 14th (Korean time), Sampdoria and Inter Milan, who played the 22nd round of Italian Serie A 2022-2023 at Luigi Ferraris in Genoa, Italy, drew 0-0.

Relegation-threatened Sampdoria held off Inter’s onslaught well. In particular, Romelu Lukaku, a leading striker who has been sluggish ever since returning to Inter, started the game, but he failed to break the goal silence on this day as well. Striker Lautaro Martinez, who had been supporting Inter’s attack in place of Lukaku, missed the goal. Inter overwhelmed the number of shots 25 times to 7 times, but failed to score a single goal. Lukaku was even caught having an emotional battle with his fellow midfielder Nicolo Varela.

2nd place Inter only gained 1 point, becoming 44 points (14 wins, 2 draws, 6 losses). Leading Napoli won 3-0 against Cremonese in the first round of 22 and reached 6 consecutive wins and 59 points (19 wins, 2 draws, 1 loss). The difference in points widened to 15 points. They are 18 points behind 3rd place Atalanta and 4th place AS Roma. 온라인카지노

Napoli’s victory is becoming more and more certain. American sports statistics service ‘Five Thirty Eight’ calculates the real-time winning probability for each league. At the end of January, when the gap was widened to 13 points, it was already 92%. Now, after 15 points, it is 96%. It is the best among the 5 big leagues. Of the 33 leagues the site counts, only two have a better chance of winning than Napoli: Switzerland’s Young Boys and South Africa’s Sundowns (99% each).

This site’s calculation method considers team power and record, so it does not give the highest probability just because it is running at the top of the league. For example, Arsenal, the leader of the English Premier League (EPL), has played one less game and is three points behind second-place Manchester City, so it is not in a position to be chased immediately, but the probability of winning is calculated to be equal at 48% for both teams. Taking this into account, Napoli’s 96% is even more significant. This is because Napoli is a team that has not won the top spot since 1990 and has also lost to Inter this year, so there is a deduction factor in their recent performance and the performance of strong teams. Even taking all of these points into account, Napoli is overwhelming.

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