Starting a mud fight after breaking up with Ronaldo? “Against Manchester United sniper interview”

 Reporter Ban Jin-hyeok = Is the agent who broke up with Ronaldo starting a mud fight?

Ronaldo returned to Manchester United after 12 years of rapid growth ahead of last season.

He seemed to announce his splendid comeback, including scoring the most goals for Manchester United. However, he did not last long안전놀이터. He pushed for a transfer, saying he would not play in the Champions League this season.

Ronaldo left after the World Cup in search of a new destination. He hoped to remain on the European stage, but no teams showed interest due to high salaries.

Eventually, Ronaldo turned to Asia and signed a contract with Saudi Arabia’s Al Nasr.

Under these circumstances, Ronaldo broke off relations with his agent. It is known that the reason is that he failed to secure a transfer to the European stage.

The agent with whom Ronaldo ended his relationship is Jorge Mendes, who has big clients such as Joao Felix and manager Jose Mourinho.

Britain’s ‘Sky Sports’ said, “Mendes, who was Ronaldo’s long-time agent, was not involved in Al Nasr’s transfer,” and “opposed to an interview that aimed to snipe Manchester United.”

The decisive reason Ronaldo was notified of the contract termination by Manchester United was the public sniping.

In an interview with famous journalist Piers Morgan, Ronaldo said, ‘I honestly didn’t know who he was when I said he was appointing Ralph Rangnick’, ‘Director Eric ten Haag didn’t respect me’, ‘There has been no progress since Sir Alex Ferguson’. He sniped Man Utd with

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