Sports documentary ‘Full Count’ featuring all 10 KBO teams to be released in April

Disney+, a world-class streaming service that provides the 메이저놀이터, best entertainment experience with excellent storytelling and innovative content, confirmed the release of ‘Full Count’, a sports documentary in which 10 professional baseball teams participated for the first time in Korea in April 2023. 

Disney+’s original documentary series ‘Full Count’ has been confirmed to be released in April 2023. It is expected to revitalize the professional baseball season that begins in earnest in the post-COVID-19 era by expanding the content area from movies, dramas, series, and music to popular sports baseball.

In particular, as the world’s interest in baseball is focused with the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC), which will be held for the first time in six years, the release of ‘Full Count’, the first sports documentary in Korea involving 10 professional baseball teams, is a baseball craze for domestic fans. It is foreshadowing that it attracts more attention. 

‘Full Count’ is the first sports documentary in Korea where 10 professional baseball teams participate, and you can see the world of fierce competition, the behind-the-scenes of the season, and the passion of the teams and players for baseball fans. ‘Full Count’ is attracting attention just because 10 professional baseball teams participated. In the meantime, there have been works that shed light on specific clubs, managers, and players, but the documentary in which all professional baseball teams participated is the first in Korea to give great significance to baseball history. 

‘Full Count’ is not simply a record of the game scene, but contains their stories that we did not know and the hidden story of the intense season. SSG, a strong candidate for the championship in 2022, hitter Lee Jung-hoo at the center of underdog raising, the last season of Lee Dae-ho, the fourth hitter of Joseon, and Awamori Soju, which has been sealed for 28 years by the LG Twins, show 10 different dramas of passion. ‘Full Count’ completed with a dog episode.

You can feel the extraordinary passion and sincerity for baseball from not only the team players and coaches, but also the owner, strategy analyst, cheer leader, and passionate fans, as well as stories outside the stadium such as the locker room and dugout.

‘Full Count’, which is the first in Korea to attract attention with the participation of 10 professional baseball teams, is a work that vividly captures the story of their run toward victory and fans in the center of the baseball field, and will be released only through Disney+ in April 2023. do.

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