‘Spinning the ball’ Yonsei University and Kyonggi University coaches suspended for 6 months

The Korea Football Association imposed a six-month suspension on the coaches of the Yonsei University and Kyonggi University football teams, who were criticized for their negligent game management.스포츠토토

The association announced on the 2nd at the Fairness Committee held at the Seoul Sinmun-ro Soccer Center that it imposed a 6-month suspension on the coaches of Yonsei University and Kyonggi University for playing an insincere game in the 59th Spring College Football Federation Match in February this year.

Yonsei University, which was leading 1-0 at the time, spent more than 20 minutes passing the ball in their own camp without any intention of attacking, and Kyonggi University stood by and did not attempt to steal the ball.

The University Football Federation held a reward and punishment committee in March of this year and imposed disciplinary sanctions on the two schools by banning them from participating in one tournament hosted by the federation.

Due to the decision of the fair committee of the association, Yonsei University’s Choi Tae-ho and Kyonggi University’s coach Kwon Hyuk-cheol will be banned from participating in the tournament for the next six months.

The Fair Committee of the association also deliberated on the case of a Gimpo FC youth team player who made an extreme choice in April last year, but failed to make a decision that day and decided to call a meeting again on the 9th.

An official from the association explained the background of the decision to re-discuss a week later, saying, “We had four leaders involved in the case attend the fair committee to hear their opinions, but the fair committee members did not come together.”

A, who was a member of the Gimpo FC youth team, made an extreme choice in April of last year and left a will stating that there were verbal abuse from leaders and bullying from colleagues.

Four related leaders were booked without detention by the police in April this year.

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