Special commentary from Daegu by Jung Young-sam, who took the path of a leader

 Commentator Jeong Young-sam visited Daegu for a special commentary.

The Korea Multicultural Foundation held the ‘3rd Korea Multicultural Foundation Asian 3×3 Basketball Tournament’ at Seongseo Outlet Town Outdoor Park in Daegu on the 30th.

A total of 18 teams visited the competition, and special guests also visited the site to shine the competition. The Korea Gas Corporation basketball team, which is based in Daegu, the celebrity basketball team, and Jung Young-sam, a member of the SPOTV commentator after retiring last season, visited this place.

Commentator Jeong Young-sam,크크크벳 along with comedian Kim Hyung-jin, commented on the game of the Korea Gas Corporation team with a pleasant talk, inducing a bright atmosphere at the scene.

Commentator Jeong Young-sam said the reason for visiting the event, saying, “I was close with the chairman of the Korea Multicultural Foundation, and the Korea Gas Corporation’s basketball team asked me to attend with him, so I attended.”

The Korea Multicultural Foundation also prepared a special event for commentator Jung Young-sam who visited the event. Preparing a cake and bouquet for commentator Jung, who retired last season. Commentator Jung Young-sam, who met Daegu fans after a long time, expressed his gratitude, “I thought there would be no place like this after I retired, but I am just grateful that the fans welcomed me like this and the foundation organized a special event.”

Commentator Jeong Young-sam, who was recently appointed coach of Anyang High School, walked the path of a leader for five months, from the 2023 National Men’s and Women’s Secondary Basketball Championship to be held early next month to the 53rd Autumn National Men’s and Women’s Secondary Basketball League match to be held in September.

In response, commentator Jung Young-sam said, “I joined as a coach because of a connection. I think it will be a good opportunity for me because you gave me a valuable opportunity to see the bench of Anyang High School.”

Finally, “After I retired, I was busy going to heal. I had a plan to become a leader after retirement, but there was no relationship. I plan to become a leader in the future,” he said about his future plans.

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