‘Sky Inje’ 2023 3×3 Basketball Championship with 5 wins… Korea 3×3 Basketball Federation (KXO) starts the season with ‘Winter League in Hongcheon’

The first step of KXO ( Korea 3×3 Basketball Federation ) , which announced the start of 3×3 in Korea in 2023 , ended neatly . KXO held the 2023 KXO 3×3 Winter League in Hongcheon on the 4th and 5th at the Hongcheon-gun County Sports Center in Hongcheon-gun, Gangwon-do. This competition was the first 3×3 competition of the 2023 season and was held in three categories: the U18 division, the men’s open division, and the KXO league 먹튀검증. It was a competition that attracted a lot of attention as it was a competition to announce the start of 2023. Hongcheon-gun, Hongcheon-gun Sports Association, Gangwon-do Basketball Association, and Hongcheon-gun Basketball Association joined forces to hold this tournament, and 50 teams that were thirsty for 3×3 gathered in Hongcheon-gun. In the KXO League, Korea’s strongest 3×3 ‘Heavenly Inje’ lifted the championship trophy again. ‘Sky Inje’ had a lineup change this season. Noh Seung-joon, who went through Korea University and KCC, was hired in the place of Deok-won Bang, who retired from the center of height, and transformed into a faster lineup and won the championship with 5 wins, showing off his status as the strongest. In the men’s open, Master Wook, who is trying to compete in the KXO League this year, stood at the top. Following last year, he won the KXO Winter League again this year, proving once again that he is the strongest in the men’s open division.

Meanwhile, Park Sang-rok, chairman of the Hongcheon-gun Sports Council, who hosted the event, said, “I would like to thank the many players who participated in this two-day event held in Hongcheon. I am honored to be able to host it,” he said.

KXO, which started the schedule for 2023, will once again hold a winter league in Hongcheon on the 18th and 19th. Also, in the second half of this year, it plans to host two 3×3 international competitions to lead the rise in Korea’s 3×3 national rankings.

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