‘Shut up and study’ director Lee Jeong-hyo “Treasure No. 1 is a laptop”

Recently, there is a manager who draws attention in the K-League.

This is Gwangju coach Lee Jung-hyo, who is creating a sensation for the promoted team with his ‘shut up and study’ instead of ‘shut up and attack’.

Gwangju is performing well beyond expectations by ranking 5th with solid organizational skills and structure.메이저놀이터,

Coach Lee Jung-hyo, who reached the top of the second division league last year during his debut season, drew attention by wearing his uniform backwards from Media Day this season.

[Lee Jung-hyo/Gwangju FC coach]
“Lee-Euteum suffered a serious injury 10 days before the opening day. How can I comfort that player… Rather than words, they just said, ‘I have to take action’, and they said it was moving. .”

What was more powerful was the words he left after losing the game in Seoul.

[Lee Jeong-hyo/Gwangju FC coach]
“I feel most upset about losing to a team that plays soccer like that!”

There was criticism for the high-level remarks, but director Lee Jung-hyo chose to break through head-on.

[Lee Jung-hyo/Gwangju FC coach]
“I have no place to retreat now. Since I pushed myself to the precipice now, I have no choice but to take responsibility for what I said.”

Even if it is a weak team, it is not football that protects,

[Lee Jung-hyo/Gwangju FC coach]
“The laptop that contains everything I have is my indispensable treasure No. 1. In order to keep growing the players, I have to keep giving them good information. There is a 24-hour cafe. I go there and do research without realizing the time is passing. If you do it…” With strong pressure and organizational power like gears, the team placed 4th in points and the least goals allowed was

2nd . [Jeong Ho-yeon/Gwangju FC] “I think it was the first map I experienced as a player because it taught me so many things, such as where to receive the ball and why I should be here.” Since its establishment in 2011, Gwangju has been classified as a low-ranking team and has been relegated 3 times… But I am confident that this year will be different. [Lee Jung-hyo/Gwangju FC Manager] “‘Remaining should not be our goal. We have to look beyond that.’ It’s the same now.”

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