Shaved for a colleague… Inspirational stories of England’s third division players

Everyone is smiling brightly with short hair. These are the players of Bristol in England’s third division. I gathered my heart for a colleague who is fighting cancer.

This is reporter Oh Seon-min.


< Bristol 7:0 Scunthorpe|England 4th Division (May 2022) > The

moment when the last 7th goal was pushed into the head and promotion to the 3rd division was confirmed.

The stadium was filled with excitement, emotion and joy.

[Sky Sports/British Media: This is an unbelievable story of Bristol, who had to win by more than 5 points


] It was called the ‘Miracle Team’, and the long-awaited first match in the 3rd division was a bit special.

There were only players wearing the number 16 all over, but there was no defender, Nick Anderton, who was supposed to wear the number 16.

This is because a few days before the third division stage, I was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a rare cancer. 메이저놀이터

The players who played with the promise not to forget their teammates shaved their heads together this time.

It is to inform Anderton’s fight against the disease and to raise money for treatment.

[I think there’s a speed bump in the middle of his head.]

I can’t bear to see it, so I close my eyes tightly and touch it here and there, but it still feels awkward with my shaved head.

[Paul Kutz/Bristol Captain: He just thought his knee hurt. That’s a friend named Anderton. I ran without sparing my body.]

The fundraising goal of 2.4 million won quickly exceeded 55 million won.

Anderton thanked them all, calling them “the best players”.

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