Sangsan Electronic High School’s new engine ‘Do Hyun-woo’

 Ahead of the new season, many middle and high school teams are in the midst of strengthening their strength through Stove League in each region.

The high school boys and girls are preparing for the new season by training with university teams in Gyeongnam Gyeongju and Jeju Island, while the girls’ high school boys and girls are preparing for the new season in Sacheon, Gyeongsangnam-do.

This season, with the first competition of the season scheduled in Haenam in March, in the jump ball, we met the players who are expected to be active in each school in the south high school this season.

The next step is guard Do Hyun-woo (184cm, G), who will lead Sangsan Electronic High School this season

. The lack of third-year players was also a reason, but it was because he had the most stable skills in the team. Of course, he was limited to the role of an assistant, but coach Park Jun-yong, who is guiding him, says that he has consistently done his part.

Coach Park Joon-yong said, “He is a player with excellent game management and shooting skills. He has many sensible plays even in defensive situations, so I think he will play a pivotal role in the team in both offense and defense.” is showing

In addition, coach Park said, “I am receiving good reviews in all areas, but my power is still lacking. And there is a part that consumes a lot of stamina because there is no player to support me. “I didn’t forget the order.

Do Hyun-woo played in 18 games in the 2022 season and played on the court for an average of 37.4 minutes per game. He’s been playing for a lot of time for a sophomore.

He played his supporting role well, averaging 14.7 points, 4.8 rebounds and 6.6 assists per game. In the new season, he must lead the team by covering the team offense.

Instead of leaving field training, Sangsan Electronic High School devoted itself to winter training. He focused on achieving harmony with the freshmen along with intensive physical training.

Do Hyun-woo said, “I tried to reduce my weaknesses by doing more physical training and practice games than ever before. As I became the top grader this season, I want to lead the team well, and I think I have to play responsibly accordingly.” I conveyed my mindset.

“I think my strengths are passing, defense, and speed. My shooting ability is poor, but I’ve been practicing a lot to improve my shooting this winter,” he said, expressing his aspirations to show a different appearance in the new season. 헤라카지노

In addition, he said, “All players on our team, including myself, learned a lot through practice games, and focused on thinking about our weaknesses and making up for them. In the new season, we will do our best to reach the quarterfinals or higher. “He said how he felt about the season.

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