Running baseball, tactical baseball… Jeong Geun-woo turned his arms like crazy 

I turned my arms without rest. She continued to sign autographs for runners and batters. His hands did not have time to rest. Senior and field coach Jung Geun-woo (41) of the women’s national baseball team is adding details to the national team’s tactics.메이저사이트

Coach Chung took office this year and has been with the national team for almost six months. During that time, he refined and detailed the national team’s tactics.

Before coming to Hong Kong, the national team re-established the runner’s sign, and practiced bunts, rundown plays, and stolen bases several times. Lee Ji-ah, infielder of the national team, said, “Since I practice repeatedly, my body reacts immediately before I even think about it.”

As a second baseman from the national team, Coach Jung, who has experience in numerous international competitions, guides the national team by assuming various situations that may arise during the game.

The national team players unanimously said, “I originally practiced bunts and rundowns, but since Coach Jung came, I have been training in a more detailed manner. For example, he subdivided where the runners were and created situations to practice.”

The achievement came out at the 2023 Asian Cup (BFA) Philippine match held in Hong Kong on the 28th (Korean time). As the fighting power was close, coach Jung sent the operation sign to the squad without rest based on what they had been training for.

Coach Jung Geun-woo is talking to Lee Ji-ah, who has settled down on third base. Lam Tin (Hong Kong) | Reporter Hwang Hye-jeong.

The signs coach Chung gives to the national team during the game are end-run, bunt, surprise bunt, and runner-stealing signs. When a runner runs out, he sends a sign to the hitter, such as “Do a surprise bunt.” Then, he gives the runners hand signals such as ‘Run as soon as you hit the bunt’ and ‘Look at the situation and run at the right timing’.

At a crucial moment on this day, a ‘run down’ situation came out. When the runner was caught, the national team performed a run-down play that they had trained several times in the field of Deoksu High School in Seoul before leaving the country. The result is a great success. Third baseman Kim Hyun-ah and catcher Choi Min-hee drove the runner, and pitcher Lee Ji-suk caught the runner who was trying to run home from third base and tagged him out. That’s how the national team was able to prevent conceding and win.

The women’s baseball team is practicing a rundown play at Deoksu High School’s playground. Reporter Hwang Hye-jeong.

After the match against the Philippines, coach Jung said, “As a result of yesterday’s power analysis, I thought that there was no chance of winning unless we shake the opponent. So today, coach Yang Sang-moon and I decided to play baseball that shakes the opponent wildly from the first inning. I was able to win thanks to the players following me well,” he said with a smile.

After the game, instead of stopping his arms that had been spinning non-stop, he shed tears non-stop. Coach Jung said, “I have never said anything good about the team.” They were tears of gratitude to the national team for following along without complaining despite a lot of training, and of pride that they had achieved their goal together as one. For this day, the national team went through tough training with coach Jung.

Coach Jung, who took the Taegeuk mark again after 8 years as a player and coach, said, “It was so new to me. After winning like this, I shed tears that I did not shed even when I won the Korean Series. I was shocked,” he said.

Meanwhile, the national team will play the first leg of the Super Round against Hong Kong, the host country, at 4:00 pm (Korean time) on the 30th. Coach Jung said to the team, “I hope you will focus from the beginning as we will have a lot of strategies today.”

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