Rory McIlroy Says “I Have No Regrets” After Calling Phil Mickelson “Fuck You” In Netflix Documentary

The Netflix documentary series ‘Full Swing’, which depicts the fierce competition and human appearance of PGA tour players, was released on the 15th amid keen interest from fans. Major media outlets are continuing the issue by introducing the main contents and controversial scenes of ‘Full Swing’, which closely focused on the major tournaments and players of the PGA Tour over the past year.

The key character, Rory McIlroy (Northern Ireland), the world’s No. 1, was at the center of the topic early on. This is because the scene of McIlroy swearing at Phil Mickelson (USA), who took the lead in the establishment of LIV golf sponsored by Saudi capital, was transmitted intact to the screen.

In episode 8, the final episode about the conflict between the PGA Tour and LIV golf, McIlroy said, “Fuck you, Phil,” while getting a massage with fellow players after the second round of the Tour Championship (September), the final round of the PGA Tour season last year, when the story of Mickelson came up. (F*** You, Phil)!” While talking about an SNS post posted by American Professional Football (NFL) Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen (USA), when the story that he is a PGA Tour fan came out, McIlroy said, “I am a fan of Mickelson.” I will not go,” he replied.

McIlroy glanced at the camera at this time and mischievously cursed, “Fuck you, Phil.” McIlroy, who had a good laugh with his co-workers, asked, “Is this comment going to be edited?” to which the crew replied, “It can’t be edited.” 스포츠토토

At a press conference held a day before the PGA Tour Genesis Invitational, which opens on the 17th, McIlroy defended his position, saying that he does not regret the comment in question. As head of the PGA Tour Players Committee, McIlroy said he could only be part of the conflict between LIV Golf and the PGA Tour. He said he was on the right track.

McIlroy held a charity event with fans at the beginning of Episode 8, saying, “This is the first time I’ve been serving as the head of the Athletes’ Committee. Due to the conflict with LIV Golf, I was also swayed by controversy and sometimes responded with too much emotion.” I feel that my career as an athlete is taking a hit because of what I did. Right now, I want to keep what I believe is right,” he said.

At a press conference, McIlroy said, “If everything is well organized by the time this year passes and the schedule for 2024 is set, I will be able to focus on my work a little more.” If McIlroy, who fell to second place behind Scotty Scheffler, wins the Genesis Invitational, he will rise to world number one again.

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