Ronaldo starts overrunning Al Nasr… Pepe Recruitment Request ‘Building Friendship’

Reporter Cho Yong-woon = Cristiano Ronaldo has asked for Pepe (FC Porto) to new club Al Nasr.

Spanish media ‘Marca’ said on the 6th (Korean time), “Ronaldo wants to sign Pepe,” and “He played with Pepe for a long time in Portugal national team and Real Madrid.”

As soon as Ronaldo joins Al Nasr, he tries to change his team the way he wants. In a situation where it is often heard that Al Nasr, who gives an astronomical salary even before the contract, gave Ronaldo the right to appoint a manager, a report that is involved in player recruitment comes out and is being ridiculed as ‘Ronaldo FC’. 토토

However, Al-Nasr is thinking of bringing together some of the most respected players on the verge of retirement, starting with Ronaldo. Even before Pepe became known, there were rumors of signing Sergio Ramos (Paris Saint-Germain) and Luka Modric (Real Madrid). Interestingly, all three of them played alongside Ronaldo.

While Ronaldo started to show his full-fledged influence, his Saudi Arabian league debut was delayed. The match between Al Nasr and Al Tai on the 6th drew attention because of whether Ronaldo would participate, but it was postponed due to disciplinary action and team registration issues.

Ronaldo was suspended for two matches by the English Football Association (FA) for striking the hand of an autistic child in April. In accordance with the rules of the International Football Federation (FIFA), discipline continues in Al Nasr.

In addition, the Saudi Arabia League allows eight foreign players to register, and Al Nasr has filled all quotas before signing Ronaldo. If Ronaldo wants to play, he must release one of the existing foreign players.

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