‘River 2’ Hyundai Engineering & Construction · Heungkuk Life Insurance, find a missing piece

Both teams competing for the top spot must find the missing piece of the puzzle.

Women’s volleyball has entered the second half of the season after the All-Star break. The point to note is the competition for the lead. A bloody battle is expected between Hyundai E&C, which has consistently maintained first place from the beginning of the season, and Heungkuk Life Insurance, which is aiming for that position. However, the two teams, which are shaking for their own reasons, desperately need a turning point.

What shakes Hyundai E&C is the absence of the key foreign player, Yasmin Bedart (registered name: Yasmin). Yasmin missed the last Pepper Savings Bank match on December 18 last year due to a herniated disc. Veteran Hwang Yeon-joo has been put in as a firefighter and is filling the gap by playing 10 games, but it is not enough. The 15-game winning streak, which had been going on since the start of the season, has stopped, and losses have accumulated little by little. In the last two games, he gave up all of them, and he suffered only two consecutive losses during Yasmin’s hiatus.

Yasmin, who worked hard on his rehabilitation, was initially expected to join in the second half, but his return is expected to be delayed as his condition does not improve. Hyundai Engineering & Construction (57 points), which is being pursued fiercely by Heungkuk Life Insurance (54 points) in second place, needed special measures to extinguish the fire. If there is no dramatic return of Yasmin, Hyundai E&C needs to make a decision to bring in a replacement player as soon as possible.

Heungkuk Life Insurance, which is ranked first, is not as optimistic. The pain of internal conflict that shook the volleyball world last month has not completely gone away. As the fact that the club’s leadership intervened in the selection of players became known, former coach Kwon Soon-chan put down the baton. The club issued an official apology and extinguished the fire urgently, but the problem is that the empty seat left by the head has not yet been filled.

Coach Dae-Kyung Kim is leading the team as acting manager, but he is struggling. Heungkuk Life Insurance, who played 5 games under the acting Kim system, is recording 3 wins and 2 losses. It is fortunate that the win-loss margin is positive in difficult circumstances, but it is difficult to see it as a satisfactory result. It is regrettable more than anything that Hyundai E&C is not able to take advantage of the faltering opportunity of genius. It is not easy to find a new command tower due to the fact that the season is in full swing and the club’s image has been lost, but Heungkuk Life Insurance is in a difficult situation where it has to somehow find a solution. 온라인바카라

Hyundai Engineering & Construction and Heungkuk Life Insurance have lost an important piece of the puzzle. Considering the difference with Korea Expressway Corporation (41 points) in third place, there is a high probability that one of the two teams will take the throne in the regular season. It is necessary to closely watch the progress of the two teams, who must quickly find that piece in order to become the protagonists of that glory.

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