“Relationship that cannot be repaired” U.S. media raises rumors of discord between SD head and director

If performance is poor, rumors are bound to emerge.

토토사이트Sports media outlet ‘The Athletic’ reported on the 19th that it pointed out the problems of the San Diego Padres, who are showing disappointing form this season.

Several problems were pointed out, but the one that stood out the most was the rumor of discord between general manager AJ Preller and manager Bob Melvin.

According to them, the feud between the two is “baseball’s best-kept secret” and their relationship has become “irreparable.”

An anonymous player interviewed by this media likened the current situation to what children suffer when a couple’s relationship deteriorates.

He said, “If two people are not of the same mind and hear different stories from each other, no one will be able to trust them. “Players start to think, ‘Who should I tell my secret to?’” he said, adding that it was a situation where players no longer had anyone they could trust.

This year is Melvin’s 20th season as a major league manager. He won the Coach of the Year award three times and led the team to the championship series last year.

Preller, who had previously appointed rookies such as Andy Greene and Jace Tingler, is working with a veteran coach for the first time. However, things are not going in the desired direction.

One former employee pointed out in an interview with this media outlet that Preller tries to maintain a friendly relationship with his players while leaving the burden of delivering tough messages to coach Melvin and the coaches.

He said, “In Oakland, general manager Billy Beane was 40,000 feet up in the sky and left tasks to the manager, but Preller comes down to 10,000 feet and acts as if he is managing everything in the dugout,” he said about General Preller’s problems. pointed out.

The coach may not be entirely free of responsibility, but The Athletic appears to be placing more responsibility on General Manager Preller.

They argued that questions were being raised about whether Preller was creating a platform for directors to succeed, and that based on the evidence presented so far, the answer is no.

One former coach said, “Preller is looking for a coach who will push the superstars he has recruited. Honestly, I don’t know who the right person for the job is. “If not Melvin, who would do it?” he said.

San Diego is expected to be officially eliminated from the postseason as early as this week. Someone has to take responsibility for the disappointing results despite building a team with $249 million, the third-highest salary in the league.

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