‘Rain and Ohtani’ Worst game of my life, 3 wins failed-ERA 0.86↑-Only 2 innings 3K

 The Los Angeles Angels are out of a 3-game losing streak.

The Angels won 5-4 in an away game against the Boston Red Sox held at Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts on the 18th (hereinafter Korean time).

The Angels, 메이저놀이터who were on the verge of sweeping the series by losing the first 3 games out of 4 consecutive matches, managed to recover 1 win and 8-8 with a win rate of 50%. Boston’s three-game winning streak was interrupted, and with 8 wins and 9 losses, the win rate fell below 50% again.

However, the match was played under the worst circumstances. First of all, 11:10 am local time was the start time of the game. This day was the third Monday in April, that is, Patriot’s Day to commemorate the American Revolutionary War. As part of the anniversary event, the Boston Marathon was held, so major league games started early.

Besides, the weather wasn’t good either. It started 56 minutes later than scheduled due to rain. Right before the Boston attack in the bottom of the second inning and during the Angels attack in the top of the third inning, the game was stopped due to heavy rain. In the third episode, a tarpaulin appeared and we had to wait for 85 minutes.

The Angels starting pitcher that day was Shohei Ohtani.

The Angels took a 4-run lead in the top of the first inning with Hunter Renfro’s left-center 3-run home run and Brandon Drury’s sacrifice fly. Following this, he committed two wildfires in a row and became third base safely.

Rafael Devers was treated as a foul fly by third baseman, but Tapia stepped home and scored the first run while catching Rob Lefsnyder with a shortstop grounder. And he struck out Japanese hitter Masataka Yoshida by swinging and striking out. In the ball count 1B2S, the 98.4 mph fastball was inserted into the middle of the 4th pitch to induce a miss. Ohtani and Yoshida jointly led Japan to victory in the World Baseball Classic last month.

In the bottom of the second inning, the batting line added a run in the top of the second inning to lead 5-1. However, the mound was drenched in a sudden shower before pitching in the second inning, so I had to wait another 10 minutes for mound maintenance. Also, the pitch com he was wearing was broken, so he needed time to fix it. He couldn’t even rest properly and had to start pitching in the second inning.

However, Ohtani finished the inning lightly with 15 balls. The leader, Triston Kazas, caught a floating ball in center field, struck out Enrique Hernandez by looking, and struck out Liz Maguire by swinging and missing, respectively.

As Ohtani, who struggled due to bad weather and early game time, regained his condition, the Angels’ attack in the top of the third inning became thicker with raindrops. The Angels created a chance for the first and second bases safely with Jake Lamb and Drury’s consecutive hits. This was followed by Jack Neto’s at-bat after Logan Ohapi and Brett Phillips walked away with back-to-back strikeouts. At this point, the game is stopped. In the beginning of the 3rd inning, which resumed after 85 minutes, the Angels, with 2 out, 1st and 2nd base, could not score.

Ohtani could no longer stand on the mound. Eventually, the Angels replaced the pitcher with left-hander Tucker Davidson in the bottom of the third inning.

Boston followed up by one run, adding two runs at the bottom of the sixth and one run at the bottom of the ninth. Especially in the ninth inning, it could have turned the game around. In the first and second bases, which were created by Alex Verdugo’s heavy hit in the lead, and Tapia’s walk after one death, Devers hit to the right and called in Verdugo. A tie at 4-5 with just one point added.

However, in the continued 1st and 1st and 2nd bases, Refsnyder and Yoshida each struck out on a swing and withdrew with a fly to the 3rd baseman, and the game ended as it was.

Ohtani was placed in the second batting order as a hitter and recorded two hits and one run in five at-bats. His season batting average rose slightly to 0.298 (17 hits in 57 at-bats). However, pitcher Ohtani’s performance was adversely affected by bad weather that day. 2 innings, 1 walk, 3 strikeouts, 2 wild pitches, 1 run. The number of pitches was 31, and the fastball velocity was a maximum of 98.4 miles and an average of 97.4 miles.

His earned run average soared from 0.47 to 0.86, and opportunities to increase pitched innings and strikeouts were blocked in 2 innings and 3 strikeouts due to rain. He didn’t even win his third season. As he had to prepare for the game from the morning for the first time in his life and wait while choosing a mound while pitching, he must make every effort to manage his condition in the future.

It was a game where Ohtani suffered a lot of losses.

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