“Prosecutor Kim Dae-hyun also seeks 2 years in prison”… Lee Young-ha’s side, looking at ‘innocence’

 “Although Kim Dae-hyeon (26, LG Twins) is not guilty of blackmail, the prosecution asked for two years in the first trial. I think the possibility of innocence is high.”

Doosan Bears right-hander Lee Young-ha (26) finished the court truth battle at the end of the 6th trial related to school violence held at the Seoul Western District Court in Gongdeok-dong, Seoul on the 3rd. While the prosecution asked for two years in prison for Lee Young-ha, the judge is expected to make a final decision on the 31st.

Lee Young-ha has been indicted without detention by the prosecution on charges of special assault, coercion, and intimidation of Mr. Starting with the first trial on September 21 of last year, Lee Young-ha maintained his innocence all the way up to the 6th trial, and has submitted materials refuting the victim’s claim.

The heaviest special assault case is likely to be acquitted. Victim A claimed that on August 19, 2015, Lee Young-ha along with his classmate Kim Dae-hyeon (26, LG Twins) forced Mr. A’s finger into an electric fly swatter.

However,메이저사이트 both Lee Young-ha and Kim Dae-hyun have proven their alibi that they were not in the same place as Mr. A on the day of the damage. The two players were selected as youth representatives at the time and trained together in Gunsan, Jeonbuk from August 17 to 25, 2015, and departed for Osaka, Japan on the 26th to participate in the World Youth Baseball Championship. Mr. A claimed that he went down to Busan with Lee Young-ha to participate in the association long-term high school baseball tournament held on August 21, 2015, but the Korea Baseball Softball Association confirmed that “Lee Young-ha did not participate in the association long-term high school baseball tournament.” did

While interrogating the accused that day, the prosecution mainly checked whether Lee Young-ha could leave the national team during that period. Lee Young-ha said, “When I am called up to the national team, I share all schedules with the national team. There was a rookie draft, so the national team briefly participated in the rookie draft in a hotel in Seoul as a group, and then went back. I went to school or participated in training (with the victim). There was no overlap,” he said.

Like Lee Young-ha, Kim Dae-hyun, who was tried for special assault and coercion of Mr. A, has already been acquitted. At the time of the trial, Kim Dae-hyun was on active duty, so he received a military trial, and on January 10, the court found him not guilty. The court ruled that the testimony of Mr. A was not credible. The date that Mr. A claimed that there was assault and coercion was not correct, and the fact that Mr. A and Dae-hyun Kim were not in the same space on the date of the claim was also proven. The prosecution sought two years in prison for Kim Dae-hyeon in the first trial, just like Lee Young-ha, but the court acquitted him.

Attorney Kim Seon-woong, the lawyer for Lee Young-ha, said on the day, “Kim Dae-hyeon (unlike Lee Young-ha) is not guilty of extortion, but the prosecution sentenced him to two years in prison in the first trial. It seems that he was sentenced to two years for coercion, special violence, and intimidation.”

Lee Young-ha’s side is consistent with regards to the alleged extortion of ramen and cheering the victim during Taiwan’s field training in February 2015, and harsh acts such as cleaning and washing the victim in Lee Young-ha’s room between August and October 2015. He is claiming innocence.

Prosecutors’ witnesses said in unison, “There was a meeting, but I don’t remember the ramen extortion.” Regarding the case of her living alone, Lee Young-ha’s father submitted evidence to the mother of her classmate, who lived with Lee Young-ha, that the monthly rent was paid in installments only until June 2015. She claims that since June of that year, she has already been assigned to Doosan for the first time, so she has been living at her home from the beginning of July. She means that she did not stay in her room during the period when the victim claimed damage.

She insists that when Mr. A’s name is called, she is forced to answer with the nickname ‘nipple’, and that the charge of making him dance was a practice of the baseball club. Lee Young-ha himself said that he had to answer with the nickname ‘Lee Kwang-soo (actor)’.

Lee Young-ha said, “(Responding to nicknames) was what my seniors told me to do since I was in the first grade, before my victim friend entered school. I also had a nickname, and it wasn’t done in a serious atmosphere. There was nothing serious or beaten.”

Attorney Kim Seon-woong said after the trial was over, “There is evidence submitted, and I have no choice but to wait calmly. I talked about it at the trial, but looking at the objective evidence, it seems like a case where there is no proof of the crime. Then I think we will be acquitted. He testified that he had never even seen the victim’s motives who shared the same room. It seems that there were some gatherings and fooling around during the battery training process, but it was not to steal ramen or anything like that, but to point out problems that occurred during discipline or training in the athletic department. , there seems to be no causal relationship between the extortion of ramen noodles.

“The special assault with an electric fly swatter on August 19, 2015 in the gymnasium of Sunrin Internet High School was already convened to the national team from August 17 and was unable to move individually. No. Originally, it was indicted on August 20th, but from the 20th, the prosecution was changed because the victim also participated in the association shogi competition. There are many things that the victim remembers incorrectly.”

In his final statement, Lee Young-ha said, “I am reflecting on the things I need to reflect on. I am sorry, and on the contrary, there are many things that I think are not true. I still don’t know if he did anything serious. Even if he wasn’t a good senior, I want you to think that he didn’t do anything bad.”

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