“Pitcher Ohtani” Guhan “Hitter Ohtani”

Major League superstar Ohtani showed that this is the beauty of ‘two-hitters’. Although he was sluggish on the mound, he hit hard as a hitter and earned himself his fourth win of the season.

Ohtani, who continued his good pitching this season with an average ERA of 0, pitched ‘unlike Ohtani’ in the match against Oakland.

He hit two home runs only in the 4th inning and gave up 5 runs, the most runs in 18 games since July of last year.

‘Pitcher Ohtani’먹튀검증 was saved by ‘batter Ohtani’ who was in danger.

He followed up with an infield hit to second base in the first inning, followed by a timely double to left-center in the third inning, and added a triple that hit the right-middle fence in the sixth inning, leaving only a home run on the cycling hit.

And after hitting a big ball in the last at-bat in the 8th inning, I watched the ball for a while as if I had a premonition of a home run. missed it

Ohtani, who made up for his sluggish performance on the mound with 3 hits, 2 points and 1 RBI, led the team to an 8-7 victory and presented himself with his 4th win of the season.

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