Perry, who only played 10 minutes despite the absence of LG Maray, why?

Changwon LG, second in the regular league, ended the season unfortunately. They did not win a single win in the semifinal playoffs (PO). Assem Marey cut the void. The trusted Reggie Perry card also failed.

LG also lost 84-85 in the 3rd PO round of the 온라인바카라2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Professional Basketball SK held at Jamsil Student Gymnasium in Seoul on the 18th. Reggie Perry, who was urgently recruited as a replacement card due to Marey’s departure, started the day. However, he hovered around the perimeter without getting under the goal in the first quarter. He didn’t show any sincerity in rebounding either. As a result, LG was pushed back to 6-10 on the rebound in the first quarter, and they played a tough game giving the initiative to SK. Perry kept the bench behind him.

Perry recorded 31 points and 13 rebounds in the second game of PO in the semifinals, showing potential even in the loss. However, in the 3rd game, it immediately became a ‘shadow mode’. There was a reason. Before the game, LG coach Cho Sang-hyun said, “Perry scored 31 points (in the second game), so his shoulders are up this much. Perry is a player I saw in the summer league. He is a scoring player. I don’t know if he did by bringing it in before the season. Yesterday (17th), I took a break from training because I suddenly felt unwell. He said he couldn’t understand even Dante (Cunningham). So the kids have no choice but to be distrustful. I’m still young and have no overseas experience, so I think it’s good and I’m going to do it.” As he joined suddenly, he should have been able to match his teammates even a little bit, but he couldn’t, and his appearance on the court was also disappointing.

Coach Cho also said he had already seen Perry before the season. Perry is a player who has been on the recruiting list of several teams. He is a player who can excel in KBL in terms of his skills. An official from Team A said, “I tried to bring Perry, but he said he would not come. He said he was challenging the NBA. He must have come to play for a while because he is currently on a break after the G League.” An official from Team B also said, “Perry is a player we also tried to bring, but he said he would not be able to play in Korea. If he goes back after playing for LG, I don’t know if he will come back.”

Looking at the performance he showed in the second round of the semifinal PO, Perry has the ability as the KBL revenge officials said. However, it turned out that the mindset of a professional player was lacking. Coach Cho said, “The reason I couldn’t go to the NBA was because I was lazy and insincere. He said, “I endured it because I had to bring it and use it somehow.” LG, who tried to utilize Perry somehow in Marey’s vacancy, was caught up in Perry’s non-basketball side.

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