Park Ji-soo, surgery ‘season out’ due to finger ligament damage… Red light for KB playoff challenge

A thunderbolt fell on Cheongju KB, which was aiming for a dramatic playoff with a last-minute rise. “Pillar” Park Ji-soo (25) was virtually out of the season due to finger ligament damage.

On the 3rd, the KB team said, “As a result of a detailed examination, ligament damage caused by dislocation of the left middle finger was finally confirmed, and it was diagnosed that surgery was required.” “The rehabilitation period after surgery is expected to be at least 4 weeks. It is difficult to play the rest of the season.”

A KB official said in a phone call with the reporter, “I thought it was a simple dislocation, but the finger was completely lifted and the ligament on the side was damaged. He was diagnosed in three hospitals, and two of them said that he had to be operated on unconditionally, so he had to operate. The exact date has not been announced, but I think it will be sometime next week.”

It is a painful blow for KB, which was aiming for a dramatic playoff with an upward trend at the end of the season. KB fell to the bottom as Park Ji-soo could not be with him due to panic disorder ahead of the season. However, after Park Ji-soo got out of his panic disorder and came back, he was terrifying and threatening the top teams. 카지노사이트

However, in the match against Bucheon Hana 1Q held at Cheongju Gymnasium on the 1st, with 7 minutes left in the game, he seriously injured his finger in the process of colliding with Hana 1Q’s Yang In-young. Afterwards, Park Ji-soo, who went straight to the hospital and received a cast, was initially expected to have a simple dislocation and was expected to be able to return within the season, but ended up ending the season due to ligament damage.

KB is 3.5 games behind 4th place Incheon Shinhan Bank with 8 games left until the end of the season. With Park Ji-soo’s departure, a red light was turned on for KB’s playoff challenge.

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