Park Jeong-ah “I haven’t joined Pepper yet, but there are many things… I will try to work well with Yasmin”

Women’s volleyball team captain Park Jeong-ah (30), who is sweating at the Jincheon National Training Center, talked about the new team she transferred to, Pepper Savings Bank. There is,” he laughed.

Park Jeong-ah,메이저놀이터 whom she met on the 16th at the Jincheon Athletes’ Village, was now leading her juniors as a full-fledged national team leader. “The goal is to create a team that continues to develop,” he said.

Park Jung-ah is having her best time. He played a key role in helping Korea Expressway Corporation become the V-League Women’s Champion in the 2022-23 season. Highway Corporation, which was driven to the brink with two losses, overturned the miracle of 0% and achieved the great feat of winning the first reverse sweep in history.

Park Jung-ah, who boasts a solver instinct like the nickname ‘Clutch Park’, obtained the qualification as a free agent (FA) again after the 2022-23 season and transferred to Pepper while receiving love calls from multiple teams.

Park Jung-ah, who left IBK Industrial Bank of Korea six years ago and changed her uniform to road construction, stamped the women’s highest salary ever (775 million won in total per year) with Kim Yeon-kyung (Heungkuk Life Insurance). She hit the ‘jackpot’ of 2.325 billion won in three years.

Yasmin joining Pepper Savings Bank (provided by the Korea Volleyball Federation)

While Park Jung-ah could not join the team training due to the call-up of the national team last month, Pepper Savings Bank had a lot of work in the meantime. The club suffered an incident in which it gave away the main setter Lee Go-eun as a free agent compensation player for Park Jeong-ah and then brought it back in a trade.

With Lee Go-eun removed from the list of protected players, the Korea Expressway Corporation nominated him, and Pepper, who made a painful mistake, gave away the 2023 first round rookie nomination and middle blocker Choi Ga-eun to bring back Lee Go-eun. It was an unfortunate move that was difficult to understand.

When asked about her team, Park Jung-ah smiled shyly and said, “I haven’t joined the team yet, but a lot of things are happening.”

Pepper, who picked MJ Phillips, a middle blocker resource in the Asian quarter, recently selected Yasmin Bedardt (USA) in a foreign player tryout that ended in Turkey, Istanbul. Yasmin, who played for Hyundai E&C from the 2021-22 season, is an apogee spiker with proven skills, but left Korea due to a back injury at the end of last season.

Although Yasmine was unable to jump normally because she was still undergoing back rehabilitation, Pepper took the risk of injury and pulled out. Yasmine burst into tears of joy.

Pepper, who brought in Park Jung-ah to reinforce the outside heater, was equipped with the best left and right dual guns while embracing Yasmin. Of course, there is a prerequisite for Yasmin to make sure her rehab goes smoothly.

Park Jung-ah was confident of the synergy effect with Yasmin. He said, “If I return to my team, I will adapt well and work well with Yasmin.”

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