Park Hang-seo, who used a ‘lifetime business ticket’, continued his relationship with Vietnam-even bitter comments

 Reporter Cho Yong-woon = Coach Park Hang-seo (64), who has been with the Vietnamese national soccer team for 5 years, but the relationship continues.

Director Park Hang-seo returned home on the 14th at Incheon International Airport. Head coach Park Hang-seo, who took the helm of the Vietnamese national team in October 2017, led the team for more than five years and won the first records such as the Asian Games semifinals, Asian Cup quarterfinals, and advance to the World Cup finals. In addition, he led Vietnam to the strongest in Southeast Asia, winning the ASEAN Football Federation (AFF) Championship and winning two gold medals in the Southeast Asian Games.

Director Park Hang-seo left Vietnam and was recognized for his hard work. Vietnam Airlines, the national airline of Vietnam, delivered a lifetime ticket for business class on flights between Korea and Vietnam. The Vietnam Football Association and the Ministry of Sports also organized a separate farewell party for manager Park Hang-seo and gave them commendations.

Director Park Hang-seo, who is greatly loved in Vietnam, used the lifetime business pass he received as a gift for the first time when he came to Korea. Director Park Hang-seo smiled shyly, saying, “I am really grateful.” “I thought it was one year, but the manager said it was a lifetime. The Vietnamese government thinks it means to continue our relationship. “he said.

Coach Park Hang-seo put down the baton of the Vietnamese national team, but his affection remains. Regarding the relationship with Vietnam, he said, “We are talking about youth soccer. We are conveying the will to be together in many places. However, it is not easy for Koreans to lead youth soccer in Vietnam. Progress is not going well. I also feel the burden.

I did not forget the advice for Vietnamese football. Vietnam has confirmed its growth potential through coach Park Hang-seo and is in the midst of overseas expansion. In this year’s K-League, you can check Vietnamese players through Seoul E-Land (Nguyen Van Toan) and Cheonan City FC (Bumin Hieu, Nguyen Can Anh). 온라인바카라

Manager Park Hang-seo said, “There is a lot of interest in Vietnamese players from overseas leagues such as Korea and Japan. However, Vietnamese clubs are conservative when it comes to transfers. Vietnamese players are also afraid to go to Korea. I know you had a hard time,” pointing out the stiff atmosphere.

He said, “Banthoan went to K-League 2, but I think coach Park Choong-gyun will use his characteristics well as he has experience in Vietnam. The players playing in Cheonan City are not top-level yet, but they are good enough.” “Vietnam is open to overseas expansion I want to have a mindset. If I get a chance, I will continue to talk about advancing overseas through the media,” he said, promoting the development of Vietnamese football.

Director Park Hang-seo, who will film the broadcast for two days in Korea, is carefully drawing the future. Director Park Hang-seo, who announced that he would not coach in Korea or Vietnam, expressed his motivation, saying, “I can physically stay in the field for another 2-3 years. Depending on the location, country, and position, I have thoughts of taking on the role of director.”

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