‘Otani-Trouble’ top ML duo is next to Kim Ha-seong

Perhaps Kim Ha-seong (28) was born with team uniforms. Manny Machado (31) and Juan Soto (25, San Diego) by his side were selected as the best duo this season.

MLB.com, the official MLB website, said on the 6th (Korean time), “The dynamic duo exists not only in the world of superheroes, but also in the major leagues. 10 pairs of duos were selected.

The first place was San Diego’s Machado-Soto combination. Both of them have never won an MVP award, but they beat the MVP duo Shohei Ohtani (29)-Mike Trout (32, LA Angels) and Mookie Betts (31)-Freddy Freeman (34, LA Dodgers) duo.

Among them, the evaluation of Soto was overwhelming. MLB.com said, “Soto can become the best hitter in baseball right now with a pioneering eye-power combination comparable to Ted Williams and Barry Bonds. Despite his poor performance last year, he recorded a career batting average of 0.287, on-base percentage of 0.424, a slugging percentage of 0.526, and an adjusted OPS of 157, a career 19.1%. He has a high walk rate of “. As for Machado, he briefly added, “He finished second in MVP last year with a 32 home run OPS of 0.898 and led San Diego to the National League Championship Series.”

Trout, who won the MVP award three times throughout his career, and Ohtani, who won MVP once and was runner-up once, were not to be underestimated. However, Trout’s health issues, which have recently intensified, and Ohtani’s double career, which inevitably has many injuries, were the reasons for being pushed back by Soto-Trout. MLB.com said, “The gap between the first and second duos is very small, but we will vote for the younger and more durable Soto-Machado combination.” 안전놀이터

Machado and Soto have yet to make an MVP season, but they are players who have consistently produced MVP-level results over a long period of time. Since 2012, when he made his mid-season debut at the age of 19, Machado has shown himself as a steel king, having only played in less than 150 games in 2 out of 2 matches. In the meantime, he recorded a career batting average of 0.282, 283 homers, 853 RBIs, and an OPS of 0.833, and was in the top 5 MVP four times. Soto also played more than 150 games in every season since debuting in the middle of the 2018 season at the age of 19.

Recently, expectations for the duo are rising as they signed a huge 11-year, $350 million contract with Machado and announced that they would catch Soto as well. As if reflecting this atmosphere, MLB.com said, “Machado and Soto are aiming for the first World Series championship in San Diego franchise history. San Diego hopes that the best duo in baseball will take them to the World Series stage.”

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