“Oil money, hard to refuse”…’Accompanied by SON for 8 seasons’ GK→Saudi Arabia transfer weight

Hugo Lloris (Tottenham) has been told that it is difficult to refuse the offer from Saudi Arabia.메이저사이트

Hugo Lloris (35) has been in charge of Tottenham’s goal for 11 seasons from the 2012-13 season to the present. Despite his short stature, Lloris boasted his ability to save based on his excellent reflexes, and even equipped himself with leadership, becoming a key player in the team.

However, he has been experiencing a rapid ‘aging curve’ recently. In particular, this season, as fatal mistakes leading to conceding became frequent, Tottenham fans also received strong criticism. As I got older, my injuries became more frequent.

The situation at the end of the season is also not good. Lloris suffered a crushing defeat in the 32nd round against Newcastle, 1-6. At the time, Lloris had conceded five goals in the first half only and was substituted due to injury. It was a representative scene showing that now it is a situation where we have to change the goal.

Tottenham are looking for a goalkeeper to succeed Lloris. Accordingly, Gavin Bajunu (Southampton) and David Raya (Brentford) are receiving interest from Tottenham. It is a will to find a new goalkeeper in the upcoming summer transfer market.

Lloris is said to have recently received a lucrative offer from Saudi Arabia’s Al Hilal. While he is currently receiving 100,000 pounds (about 160 million won) a week, he has been guaranteed three times the level of 300,000 pounds (about 500 million won). Lloris is also contemplating his future life at Tottenham.

Tottenham pundit Alan Hutton predicted a move for Lloris. According to the British ‘Football Insider’ on the 18th (Korean time), Hutton put weight on the possibility of a transfer, saying, “If you are offered an enormous amount of money, it is difficult to refuse it.

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