‘Oh Ji-young cannot compete’ GS Caltex vs. Pepper Savings Bank

GS Caltex and Pepper Savings Bank will face off in the 5th round. The two teams will start the match at Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul at 4:00 pm on the 5th.

The home team, GS Caltex, is in 5th place with 11 wins, 14 losses and 33 points. They have been on a three-game losing streak and have failed to add points. Through today’s game, they are aiming to escape the losing streak and rise in the rankings at the same time. In order to continue the spring volleyball hopes, GS Caltex needs 3 points in today’s game.

The away team, Pepper Savings Bank, is in last place with 2 wins, 23 losses and 7 points. On January 23, they won 3-1 against GS Caltex and smiled at home, but after that, they lost all back-to-back games against IBK Industrial Bank and did not continue the good trend. Today’s game will challenge you to win the season 3.

Pepper Savings Bank Libero Oh Ji-young cannot play in today’s match. The issue of Oh Ji-young’s participation in the GS match, which has recently become an issue, was finally settled as ‘unacceptable’.

Oh Ji-young started the season with GS Caltex, but was traded to Pepper Savings Bank on December 27 last year. At the time, GS Caltex sent Oh Ji-young to Pepper Savings Bank and received the first round nomination for the rookie of the 2024-2025 season. Then, a condition was imposed. Oh Ji-young added a clause to the contract that does not appear in the remaining three games against GS Caltex. Pepper Savings Bank also agreed. The point of informing this fact was also implicitly agreed by the two clubs just before the 4th round match on January 23rd.

Later, the media raised the issue of participating in the game of the former team after Oh Ji-young’s transfer, and KOVO (Korea Volleyball Federation), which approved the trade, requested an authoritative interpretation from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. As a result, in accordance with Article 4, Paragraph 3 of the Professional Sports Standard Contract, ‘the matters in which players cannot participate in accordance with the agreement to exclude players from participating in matches between clubs are not explicitly stipulated as reasons for prohibiting discrimination, but the rights and interests of players are infringed or fair competition between clubs is hindered. It is thought that there are elements to be done, so it is recommended to prepare institutional improvement measures, such as the establishment of a ban on the case in the federation rules.’ GS Caltex suffered a 1-3 defeat on the road to Gwangju. Immediately after the game, the players disappeared from the court without a finishing stretch. GS Caltex, which MoMA missed at the time, seems to be armed mentally for today’s game.

However, KOVO decided that it would be difficult to retroactively apply the new regulations to be supplemented in the future to the current situation of Oh Ji-young. As a result, Oh Ji-young will not be able to participate in today’s game, as well as the 6th round match between the two teams at Jangchung Gymnasium on March 9th. As a result, a total of 3 matches were banned.

When this season ends, KOVO will begin amending regulations to institutionally support player rights and fair competition between clubs. Cases like Oh Ji-young are unlikely to come out any more. 메이저놀이터

In today’s game, Pepper Savings Bank is expected to be the Moon Seul-gi Libero system, just like the previous confrontation. In the 4th round match between the two teams on January 23rd, Seulgi Moon’s libero performance was tremendous. Attention is focusing on whether he will be able to show his fighting spirit once again.

Attention is focused on the confrontation between the two teams. What is the result? I think I have to accept the uncomfortable reality that even the warm-up zone draws attention.

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