Oh Jae-won drops commentary microphone after various controversies, warns abusers instead of apologizing… No sign of remorse

Oh Jae-won, who served as a commentator for SPOTV this season, is hanging up his commentary microphone after various controversies.카지노사이트

In an interview on a YouTube channel, Oh Jae-won publicly criticized “Korean Express” star Park Chan-ho. Afterward, he was briefly excluded from TV broadcasts. On October 10, he was controversially criticized for saying “life is not so easy” and “I hope you go to Doosan or LG” to a baseball player from Changwon Mo Middle School, who served as a starter for the Changwon NC-SSG game, and apologized the next day.

When he took the commentary microphone for the SSG-Samsung game in Munhak on April 24, he categorically stated that Samsung pitcher Yang Chang-seop had thrown an empty ball to SSG’s Choi Jeong-jeong, and before the game on April 25, he introduced SSG starting pitcher Cho Sung-hoon and said, “I hope you pitch a winning game today and sweep the (three-game) series.” The controversy continued.

As the controversy continued, Oh Jae-won informed the broadcaster of his intention to resign, hanging up the commentary microphone after three months. He said on his Instagram on the 26th, “I don’t think I can be a burden to SPOTV anymore, so I requested to terminate my contract myself and it was decided. Thank you for everything.” So far, so good.

“Hmm… I think I’m now in a situation where I can talk about everything behind the scenes, and for me, everything starts over,” Oh Jae-won said. His nuance was that now that he has stepped down as a commentator, he can drop bombshells without worrying about controlling the water level.

He also hinted at the possibility of legal action, saying, “To all the people who made up or invented things for the sake of views, please be patient, and to all the people who have been DMing me for years, months, and days, please be patient.” “I would like to thank everyone for listening to my baseball commentary,” he concluded.

Oh Jae-won voluntarily resigned from SPOTV as a commentator due to various controversies. There was no sign of remorse, let alone an apology. It is common to say ‘I’m sorry’ when you are in the center of controversy, whether voluntarily or not. The more you go, the more disappointed you become. It seems that they are self-criticizing.

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