“No, it’s not okay” The difference between a peddy and a widener, confirmed by running and golf

NC is in the middle of the second turn of spring camp. Coach Kang In-kwon said, “I watched the first and second rounds of training, and it seems that all the players built their bodies well during the off-season and started the camp in good condition. It’s encouraging to see that it continues.”

He went on to say, “I think Eric Peddie and Taylor Widener are different types of pitchers. Peddy seems to have good ball movement, Widener seems like a good pitcher. Jason Martin isn’t in 100 per cent form yet, but he has the ability to get the ball up and running.” “I’m looking forward to this season because the three foreign players seem to have excellent skills befitting major leaguers. During this camp, I plan to watch the players competing for the 4th and 5th starting spots and a spot in the outfield.” said.

In the second pitching, Peddy threw 35 pitches with 80-90% intensity and recorded a maximum velocity of 150 (149.8) km. Catcher Park Se-hyeok, who worked together in Peddy’s pitching, said, “I received the Peddy ball for the first time, but it moves very well. He said, “I think it will be difficult for batters to respond.”

In the second pitching, Widener threw 31 pitches with 80-90% intensity and recorded a maximum speed of 146 km. After pitching, Widener said, “I am more used to the KBO official ball than when I first pitched. In this pitching, he focused on the timing of the release, but overall the balance was good.”

Rookie Shin Young-woo, who did his second pitching at the camp, said, “I have a good balance when playing catch on flat ground, but I haven’t adapted to pitching on the mound for the first time in a while. I think it will get better if I transfer the feeling of throwing on flat ground to mound pitching.” When asked about camp life, he said, “It’s the first environment I’ve experienced, so camp life is fun. There are many opportunities to talk with seniors while doing daily routines such as living in the dorm, training time, and meal time, and there are many things they tell us, so it seems to be fun to learn.” He threw 30 and 45 pitches at % intensity, respectively, and recorded a maximum velocity of 149 km.

In addition, Kim Joo-won, who is the first to exercise abroad since 6th grade in elementary school, said, “It’s fun because it’s a different environment, and the weather is warm, so I think it’s good to exercise. He is learning how to use his lower body with his hitting coach to further complement his technique at batting. As he gets to know the feeling, he is intrigued and helpful.”

Han Seok-hyun, who newly joined the team as a Futures free agent, said, “Because I joined a new team, I wanted to show more of myself. I prepared a little earlier than before and improved my condition quickly. Since January, I have become close with the players while exercising individually at Changwon NC Park, and at the camp, the same outfielders take good care of me, so there is no difficulty in adapting.” There seems to be He has confidence in offense, defense and running. I plan to do my best during the camp to become a first-team player without missing an opportunity.”

NC said, “Night training will be added from the 8th, when the team enters the third turn training. I invited Kim Si-hoon, whom I became friends with the most quickly after joining, to lunch. The dining table was proposed by Han Dong-hee, manager of the international business team, who watched the two players get along closely during training. Peddie’s girlfriend and a manager also sat together, and the team’s accommodation was made. I spent time eating steak at a nearby family restaurant.” 카지노사이트

Peddy asked Kim Si-hoon, “How about playing as an NC player as a Masan local?” Kim Si-hoon said, “It’s a place where I’ve lived since I was young, so it’s familiar and comfortable. It’s a quiet city, so it’s good to focus on baseball,” he replied, “if you need anything while living in Masan, I’ll always help.” When Peddy’s girlfriend said that she likes sports and mountain climbing, she introduced Muhak Mountain near Changwon NC Park.

According to NC, Peddy also used the Korean language he learned at dinner with Kim Si-hoon in the second turn training. When Kim Si-hun, who found Pedy struggling while running, asked in English, “Are you okay?”, Pedi answered “No, it’s not okay” with correct Korean pronunciation, drawing laughter from the players present.

Widener went out on holiday to play golf, a hobby. Lee Gyeong-joon, manager of the international affairs team who accompanied the group, testified that it was “a considerable level of skill”. “Golf is my second favorite sport after baseball. When you throw a ball, it rotates a lot to one side, but it is helpful to be able to rotate naturally in the opposite direction while hitting the golf to the left. It seems to be good for relieving stress.”

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