Ngannou, the dream challenge. Top contract with the PFL. African President

On the 16th (local time),카지노사이트 PFL said, “We have signed a strategic partnership agreement with Ngannou. He will also serve as president of PFL Africa.” Ngannou, who reneged on his UFC contract after last year’s unification fight against Cyril Gane, will now fight in the PFL. However, he said he would be inactive for the 2023 season. He was already halfway through the season and he was scheduled for a boxing superfight. “Ngannou will anchor PFL’s PPV Super Fight Division, serve on the Global Players Advisory Board and become PFL Africa Chairman and Equity Owner,” said PFL CEO Peter Murray. It is known that Ngannou signed a contract with the PFL on very favorable terms. The New York Times reported that Ngannou will also box under his contract, and he is likely to make his boxing debut later this year and return to martial arts around the middle of next year. Determined to receive the best treatment, Ngannou said, “I believe in the PFL’s ‘fighter first’ culture and global vision, including the development of the sport in Africa. He is very proud to serve as PFL Africa President.”

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