“My grades, I didn’t expect either”… I’m so happy to see the new star who appeared in the KT bullpen [SPO Interview]

“I didn’t expect my current performance at all.”

토토사이트KT Wiz pitcher Son Dong-hyun (22) is a rising star who appeared in the bullpen. After completing his military service at Sangmu, he rejoined the team this year and is recording an ERA of 3.63 in 53 games, 11 holds, 1 save, and 62 innings.

KT’s bullpen is revitalized with the emergence of Son Dong-hyun. Kim Min-soo and Ju-won, who were the core of the bullpen last year, did their part and filled the empty spots well during the ups and downs. At the same time, he is capturing the heart of KT manager Lee Kang-cheol by gradually relieving the burden on setup man Park Young-hyun and closing pitcher Kim Jae-yoon.

Son Dong-hyun’s strength is his powerful fastball. Recently, Manager Lee mentioned Son Dong-hyun’s strengths, saying, “Son Dong-hyun has a good fastball. His control is a little uneven, but he still has power. Even when he gets hit, he gets hit (by opposing hitters).”

Son Dong-hyun, who is gradually gaining ground, plans to serve as the team’s setup man at the end of this month. This is because Park Young-hyun (20) will be absent by joining the national team for the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games (held in 2023). The head coach is planning to fill the position with Son Dong-hyun, who will become the head coach. Although Son Dong-hyun did not receive much attention at the time of the opening, he is showing rapid growth to the point where he has become a key member of the team’s sure-to-win team.

Son Dong-hyun, whom I met recently, said, “In the second half of the year, the coach continues to send me out in important situations. Also, as the number of blocks I make increases, my confidence increases and I think I’m seeing good results.”

He continued, “I didn’t expect my current performance at all. Last season, the team’s mound was good, so my goal was to play in about 40 games for the first team. But now (I can play in more games than planned), I’m really happy.” He smiled and said, “I’m happy to be able to play in the game. There were a lot of struggles, but since the results were good on the baseball field, I don’t remember anything being difficult. I’m not feeling anything difficult.”

Son Dong-hyun and Park Young-hyun are growing together as the core of the bullpen despite their young age and limited experience. Sometimes, when something is not resolved, we rely on each other and give generous advice.

Son Dong-hyun said, “When I’m not feeling well, (Park) Young-hyun tells me, ‘Hyung, it’s okay. How can you be good every day?’ On the other hand, when Young-hyun is not feeling well, I say, ‘I’m fine like you said to me. I’ve done extremely well so far.’ No one says anything. “We are helping each other a lot by telling each other, ‘Throw with confidence,’” he said, explaining their deep friendship.

Now, it is Son Dong-hyun who must fill Park Young-hyun’s position. “Younghyun is playing an important role (in the bullpen). My goal is to make sure that when Younghyun is out of the team, you don’t think, ‘I hope he comes back quickly.’ Also, rather than my goal for the rest of the season, I will pitch in one game at a time. “If I’m ahead of my time, I will stick to my role by maintaining that score gap and passing it on,” he answered.

▲ Son Dong-hyun, who revealed his strong determination. ⓒkt Wiz

Lastly, Son Dong-hyun is dreaming of his first postseason since his debut with his teammates. KT is currently ranked 2nd in the league (65 wins, 3 draws, 53 losses) and is one of the teams likely to advance to the postseason.

Son Dong-hyun said, “(Bae) Je-seong and I are roommates. Since I haven’t been able to play fall baseball, I ask Je-seong every day what it’s like (playing in the postseason). Then Je-seong says, ‘The average speed is 144 km per hour, but the post-season He said, ‘The average distance was 149 km.’ He said, “I have such incredible strength, and I want to feel it, too.” He said, “I want to compete and do a ceremony after successfully blocking an important situation. Thinking about that makes me happy.” The interview ended with a hug.

◆Son Dong-hyun information

Date of birth: January 23, 2001 2019

KT Wiz 2nd 3rd round, 21st

overall pick Total 110 games, 17 holds, 1 save, 129⅔ innings, ERA 4.30

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