‘More concisely, farther!’ Lee Jung-hoo’s striking form changed drastically, MLB prequel coming soon 

“Did you see that? Then it is a success.”

When the reporter said, “I was surprised to see the changed batting form,” I immediately asked for an evaluation, saying, “How did you see it?” “The hands have gone down a lot and it seems to have become a lot simpler. Even so, I think the batted ball is good,” and as if satisfied, “Did you see it that way? Then it’s a success,” he said with a smile.

Kiwoom Lee Jung-hoo (25) showed off the results of sweating without an off-season. He erased the characteristic batting preparation stance by releasing the bat more succinctly and quickly. He boldly chose to change to respond to the fast ball.

On the 2nd (Korean time), Lee Jung-hoo started training on the first day of spring camp at Salt River Field in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA. According to the camp schedule, it is the first day, but training has already begun. Even in the middle of winter, when the awards ceremony was hectic, I conceived a change and started training hard in LA in the beginning of January.

Lee Jung-hoo said, “I thought about how to play as comfortably and concisely as possible. He tried a lot of things, but now it feels like he’s earned some money. From now on, I will continue to go with this form.”

As for the reason for the change, he said, “The balls thrown by the pitcher fly terrifyingly. This is especially true if the velocity exceeds 145 or 150 km,” he said. “In the end, the way the batter wins is to use the pitcher’s velocity well. I thought that the process of swinging should be simplified. No matter how fast the ball is, it is enough as long as it can be concisely hit the center. We got this conclusion and modified the batting form.”

At first glance, it is incomprehensible. already reached the top Even if he sticks to his existing batting form, he can easily win two MVPs in a row. However, Lee Jung-hoo’s dream lies in a higher place. Looking beyond Korea to the best in the world. Lee Jung-hoo said, “Honestly, I have the confidence to do well again with the same form. However, considering next year, it seemed inevitable to change the batting form. When he got out of the major leagues, he had to find a form that would be easy for him to adapt to, but he decided to try that form in advance. He raised his voice, saying, “I decided that now is the most appropriate time to make a change.

It is the prequel season of the Major League Baseball (MLB). It has already confirmed the MLB challenge after the 2023 season. He teamed up with MLB’s top agent, Scott Boras. Lee Jung-hoo said, “I have been contacted by Boras Corporation since 2020. But at the time, I had no thoughts about entering the MLB. “I didn’t have enough skills to look at MLB,” he said. “Still, Boras Corporation kept contacting me. So this time I met Boras in person. Aren’t you the best agent? Now I just have to focus on baseball more comfortably.”

The key is the World Baseball Classic (WBC). Prior to the pennant race, Lee Jung-hoo competes in the WBC, the highest level of international competition. He doesn’t even have time to test his changed batting form, and he immediately faces the game with no tomorrow. 안전놀이터

Still, it was the position that change and challenge could not be stopped. Lee Jung-hoo said, “Honestly, I was worried about the WBC. As before, the camp and demonstration games will be held, and the changed batting form will be adapted to that extent when entering the season. But this time, we have to do it right from the WBC,” he said. He also saw that it could be better. This is also the reason why I came to America early,” he said, explaining the reason for planning a special off-season.

The goal for this year is clear. Looking forward to the WBC’s good performance, Kiwoom’s championship, and MVP. Lee Jung-hoo said, “The team is always first. The same goes for the WBC and so does the season. In particular, isn’t the WBC a short-term game? I don’t think it’s an MLB showcase at all. If there is a bunt sign, I will bunt, and if there is a runner, I will hit the base.” “I want to win the season with good results in the WBC. And if possible, I want to win the MVP again. It may be difficult because of the Asian Games, but I will definitely do my best to win the 3rd consecutive batting title.”

There are many challenges ahead of entering the MLB, and the goal is high. Lee Jung-hoo is taking on a great challenge to create another great season.

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