Messi’s final stage will be the influential 2024 Copa America, held in the United States?

It seems that the 2024 Copa America will be held in the United States.

According to ESPN, an American sports media outlet, the Confederation of South American Football (CONMEBOL) and the Confederation of North and Central American and Caribbean Football (CONCACAF) have been in close discussions regarding the selection of the Copa America host country to be held in 2024, and coordination is needed in some details, but It is said that a rough agreement was reached to hold the tournament in the United States.

Originally, the 2024 Copa America was scheduled to be held in Ecuador, a South American country, but Ecuador returned the hosting rights in November last year due to domestic circumstances. Since then, Peru and the United States have been competing to host the tournament, but it seems that the tournament will be held in the United States, which is ahead in the name of being one of the co-hosts of the 2026 FIFA World Cup United with high-quality facilities. 토토사이트

Despite being a North and Central American country, the United States has had a close relationship with the tournament, hosting the Copa America Centenario in 2016. Moreover, the 2024 Copa America is expected to attract great attention from soccer fans as it is directly related to Lionel Messi’s retirement from the national team. After winning the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, Messi has expressed his desire to play more as a national team player, saying he wants to enjoy the position of ‘World Champion’ more, but realistically, this Copa America seems to be an opportunity to decorate the end .

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