Manchester United has one fool… ‘Fool’ made by Messi

Manchester United striker Boot Behorst has an unusual nickname. 

Spanish media ‘Mundo Deportivo’ reported on the 16th (Korean time), “Behorst, Manchester United’s number 9 that Messi called a fool”. 

Behorst moved to Wolfsburg in Germany after going through FC Ammon, Hercules Almelo and AZ Alkmaar. He made his name known on the European stage by showing great goalscoring ability for Wolfsburg. 

In the 2020/21 season, he finished 4th in Bundesliga scoring, ranking behind Roberto Lewandowski, Andre Silva and Erling Haalan. He has also received considerable interest from European clubs. 

In the end, Behorst moved to the Premier League by transferring to Burnley in the winter of 2021, but Burnley was relegated from the Premier League after six months. In the end, the 2022/23 season was played by a loan transfer to Turkiye 1st division Besiktas. 

Then, a surprising fortune came to him. Manchester United, who left the team in November last year by exposing a disagreement with the team and terminating the contract, needed reinforcements in the striker in the winter transfer market, and selected Behorst, who is active in Turkiye, as a replacement and sent him a love call. .

In the end, Man Utd succeeded in strengthening the offensive line in the winter transfer market by signing Behorst on loan from Burnley on the 14th of last month. 

Behorst, who joined Manchester United, is currently playing as a front-line striker and is struggling to fill the lack of offensive power, but he is still only scoring one goal. However, as Behorst’s unusual nickname was revealed through the Spanish media, it seems to be getting famous. 카지노

Mundo Deportivo first mentioned the reason for Behorst’s unusual nickname. 

The media said, “Behorst reached the quarterfinals with the Dutch national team at the last World Cup in Qatar, and was substituted in the quarterfinals against Argentina and scored two goals to lead the game to overtime.” A Chapter 16 warning came out and numerous clashes occurred. After Argentina narrowly won the penalty shootout, Lionel Messi said to Behorst during an interview in the locker room tunnel, ‘Go away fool'”, his nickname came from Messi’s remarks. announced that it originated.

“Behorst now takes it humorously. Even his teammate Lisandro Martinez calls him a fool instead of a complex last name,” he added, explaining the situation of Behorst, whose nickname has become an idiot in his team.

He is a tall fool over 2m tall.

Whether or not Behorst, who earned a special nickname for his happenings in the World Cup, is not as stupid as he is when it comes to attacking the team, will be decided at 2:45 a.m. on the 17th at the UEFA Europa League match between Man Utd and Barcelona

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